Controller Sales Since 2011 Have Been On Fire, According To NPD Group

According to the NDP Group, all of the console manufacturers have benefited from their spendings on Console hardware. In a recent Tweet, made by the US Video Games Industry Analyst of the NPD Group Mat Piscatella, a lot of details have been given after analysis and according to him, Controller Sales have been on fire since 2011 sales.

The total spending on Accessories and Gamecards has grown over an increase of 37 percent compared to last year’s spending which was at $272 million in January 2013. This is a high record for the month of January because this year the total spending has been $301 million.

The Nintendo 3DS hardware sales in terms of dollars have been recorded as the best for the month of January since 2014 and not only that the unit sales have also been recorded highest since January 2013.

For the month of January hardware dollars sales of $278 million has been recorded as the highest level achieved since January 2011 which was $323 million sold.

Talking about Controller Sales the NDP Group has also compared the console market and you will be astonished by the results. According to Mat Piscatella, this years “spending gains of the gaming industry were driven by Nintendo Switch, PlayStation 4 and Xbox One hardware sales growth.”

Based on the information provided by Mat Piscatella, compared to the last year’s hardware spending which was $278 million this year the spending in January grew by 119 percent.

According to him the consoles, PlayStation 4, Nintendo Switch and Xbox One all performed exceptionally well. The gap between the top-selling platform and the third best selling was no more than 3 percent which points towards the fact that every console has almost equal demand. This points out to the other fact that the console market is really healthy in terms of sales.

Nintendo Switch has been this month’s best-selling console in terms of unit sales and it is no shocker. We all have been hearing about the successes Switch has been making since its release. With that said the PlayStation 4 has topped in terms of dollar sales.

While Xbox One’s unit and dollar sales for January 2018 have been recorded highest for the platform. The successes of these consoles should not be a shocker as well because the success Xbox One and PlayStation 4 has been receiving in the past¬†it was bound to happen.

Early 2011 was considered the hight of sales for Console and Hardware; such as Controller Sales. The Xbox 360’s and PlayStation 3’s popularity was really running the market at that time. Although it is a good sign that the new generation consoles and their hardware seem to be getting into an even better realm of performance.