Reveal Trailer For Upcoming Battlefield 2018 Game Is Coming Soon

Everyone’s eyes and ears open for any new information regarding the upcoming Battlefield 2018 game. Although we know that Electronic Arts has not disclosed any concrete details regarding the game, through DICE’s video editor, we know now that the game’s reveal trailer is underway and will be ready very soon.

This news came from a recent Tweet made by the DICE video editor Randy Evens, who said, very specifically that the upcoming “Battlefield 2018 reveal trailer is underway”. While there were no extra details given we can at least be sure that with the reveal trailer, a lot of speculations will be put to rest.

If you have been following the news for the game then you probably know about the EA Play 2018 that has received an official date and with that, the publishers have also revealed that the upcoming Battlefield 2018 will be playable at this year’s EA Play 2018 which is scheduled¬†from 9th to 11th June 2018.

Until now the upcoming Battlefield game has been untitled and chances are that we might be able to see the teasers and multiple announcements before the reveal trailer comes through. Though at this moment the details are scarce, other than the fact which we all know that DICE makes really good trailers. So this will be something that we can wait for.

Recently EA had its financial call and many discussions regarding upcoming games also took place and among them, the New Battlefield was not missed. The Electronic Arts shared that the upcoming Battlefield 2018 will be taking its inspiration from the titles like PUBG and Fortnite. As the developers think that that it is high time that they acknowledged the successes of these two titles and using a similar style will surely pay off.

We cannot ignore the fact that this time EA has set its focus on this game particularly as very recently they have also confirmed that the awaited Bioware’s Anthem has been delayed for a year as they will be releasing the Battlefield game instead.

Hopefully, this serves a good purpose for the Battlefield 2018 game as a lot of fans have high hopes set for it.