Star Wars Resistance Trademark Filed by Lucasfilm

In the long-running quest to expand the galaxy far, far away, Lucasfilm has been discovered to have recently filed a new trademark for something called “Star Wars Resistance” that warrants discussion.

According to a new report from fan-website Yakface earlier today, the trademark has four different registrations to its name. This includes one for toys and games, another for clothing and apparel, one for printed materials and publications, and another for digital and downloadable media.

There is nothing in the listed descriptions to even remotely suggest what the new trademark will actually be used for. This has left fans to largely speculate that Star Wars Resistance might possibly be the title of the upcoming new Star Wars movie. If that does not come to fruition then the trademark could possibly be for a new animated or live-action series for the upcoming streaming service from Disney.

Both are scheduled to arrive next year and unless Lucasfilm drops more details in the coming months, we will have to wait until then to confirm. That being said, those two projects are not the only ones being worked on right now for the esteemed science fiction franchise.

The new trademark arrives on the backs of Lucasfilm announcing a new Star Wars movie series earlier this month that will be written and produced by David Benioff and D.B. Weiss, co-creators of the critically acclaimed Game of Thrones television series. There are multiple Star Wars television shows in the works as well.