Rules Of Survival Guide – Best Landing Zones, Finding Loot, Surviving Tips (Beginners Guide)

Our Rules of Survival Guide will give you several tips to ensure your survivability and get that Chicken Dinner. The guide various aspects of mobile Battle Royale including gear, landing zones, the forcefield, and more.

Rules Of Survival Guide

Rules of Survival is the perfect clone of PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds. It plays almost, if not exactly, like the Steam smash hit. It runs on the same basic concept and idea of survival and finishing #1 in the Battle Royale game.

This is not to undervalue Rules of Survival which in its own right is the multiplayer game the mobile users deserve. Keeping that in mind, just like PUBG, bringing the victory home is tough and requires a lot of patience. For that purpose, I’ve decided to share some useful Rules of Survival Tips which may allow you to take home the Chicken Dinner. Remember, practice makes perfect!

Landing Zone

Even before the actual battle starts, deciding when to open parachute and where to do so, could dictate how you fare in the early stages of the game. Early bird gets the worm!

Landing first comes with its advantages like more available loot since others wouldn’t have claimed it. Landing before your opponents can also allow you to plan your hide or escape strategies. Of course, delay of landing can put you in the heat of the battle and may not be such a good idea.

As for location, landing in the center of the map is guaranteed to result in close-quarter combat with many players preferring that because of the loots. Alternatively, you can choose to land to a location far from the center of the map and slowly work your way towards it. Both strategies are equally valid and is suited to the playstyle of the competitors.

Finding The Right Gear

Before anything else, backpacks and helmets are a must for players to advance in the game. Backpacks will allow you to equip more gadgets as you progress through the battle. Helmets will help you avoid that ‘Instant Death’ by a headshot.

Health Kits are important and are always required at some point of the multiplayer session. Weapons with scopes are advised for long-range combat, while Shotguns and powerful Assault Rifles come in handy concerning close-ranged combat.


Contrary to what most players may think, it’s not always such a swell idea to find a building and get holed up in it. This is not recommended because of two reasons. Firstly, the circle is always shrinking so you need new places to find cover. Secondly, it is highly likely that more experienced players with better firearms may raid buildings and leave you helpless.

Therefore, be quick enough to change places but also be smart not to roam in open fields and be vulnerable in the face of the enemy. Always keep moving!

Listen To The Sounds

Hear a car approaching? Find a hiding spot immediately! Hear footsteps in a house? Get ready to engage the enemy head-on. Additionally, you can use sound of bombs and gunfire to your advantage when moving since it’ll be more difficult to hear footsteps in such situations.

Of course, it could lead to the complete opposite to i.e. enemies taking advantage of this fact instead. So be vigilant and never take those headphones off!

The Circle

One of the mechanics of games like this is that the map keeps shrinking to keep everything more intense and decide a winner ultimately. This means, you need to move closer to the center of the map every five minutes or so.

This also gives rise to an important strategy: hiding in a place that is near the edges of the circle. This will allow you to take out players who are running their way into safety as remaining outside the circle will deplete vitality quickly.

Assessing The Situation

The unique thing about Battle Royale games is that victory is never guaranteed, defeat is always an imminent threat. So knowing when to stand your ground and when to perform an assault could mean the difference at the end of the day.

Players are, therefore, advised to observe the opponents’ firearms and their abilities. Long range weapons mean you may have to take cover, while short-ranged weapons like Shotguns and Rifles prompt you to be more mobile and aggressive in your approach.

Remember survival is the real victory here. The one who flees away is NOT a coward. Getting more kills isn’t always the way to that gold. Observation, patience, preparation, and response are the key here. All of these tips can lead to increased time of survival and achieving that gold through analytic and strategic moves in the game.

This is all we have in our Rules of Survival Guide. Have anything to add to the guide, feel free to let us know in the comments section below!