Riot Games Reveals League of Legends Loot Box Drop Rates

In order to achieve transparency and let players know what exactly they can get in each League of Legends Loot Box, Riot Games has provided us with the drop rates of both Hextech Chests and the upcoming Masterwork Chests.

What we already know is that the existing loot boxes in League of Legends are called Hextech Chests and can be obtained with in-game currency or by achieving S Rank with one of your champions (doesn’t drop from free-to-play ones). We also know that these chests contain cosmetic pieces or items such as skins, wards, emotes and summoner icons as well as champion pieces, which can be unlocked with the game’s Blue Essesnse.

The new Masterwork Chests, on the other hand, are cosmetic only and is suitable for those who want to spend their money on some loot boxes but have no use for champions or Blue Essense. So, they contain only skin and ward skin shards, orange essence or permanent emotes.

What are the drop rates for each League of Legends Loot Box though? Riot Games provides the full list so that everyone knows that their system is transparent and fair. The drop rates for Hextech Chests were previously revealed in China, due to regulation that was passed by Chinese authorities, forcing publishers to disclose the drop rates of items in their respective games.

Here are the drop rates for Hextech chests:

  • 50 percent – Skin Shard
  • 25 percent – Champion Shard
  • 11.5 percent – Ward Skin Shard plus 150 Bonus Orange Essence
  • 10 percent – Permanent Emote
  • 3.5 percent – Summoner Icon Shard plus 150 Bonus Orange Essence

Here are the bonus drop rates for Hextech chests:

  • 3.6 percent – Gemstone
  • 10 percent – bonus chest plus a key

Here are the drop rates for Masterwork chests:

  • 70 percent – Skin Shard
  • 10 percent – 525 Orange Essence
  • 10 percent – Permanent Emotes
  • 10 percent – Ward Skin Shard plus 150 bonus Orange Essence

Here are the bonus drop rates for Masterwork chests:

  • 3.6 percent – Gemstone
  • 10 percent – bonus chest plus a key

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