Metal Gear Survive Save Slots Cost 10 Dollars Per New Slot

Apparently all of the Metal Gear Survive microtransactions don’t just end with in-game currencies and things like that. They even extend to Metal Gear Survive save slots, at least according to IGN, which says that the game charges you 1,000 Survival coins, or $10, to make a new character in the game.

While your first character doesn’t have to be paid for, starting the game over again while keeping all of your progress will require a thousand Survival Points. Survival Points can’t even be earned throughout the game, unlike the Kuban Energy currency that you earn just by playing the game.

While something like paying for Metal Gear Survive save slots isn’t that big of an issue for people who will likely only play the game once and then never again, it seems that Konami didn’t pay attention to what happened with Electronic Arts when they attempted to lock bits of gameplay behind stupidly expensive (for microtransactions) paywalls.

Adding that to the “always online” requirement that was already previously put in Metal Gear Solid 5, and you’ve got a game that will likely land Konami even more backlash than they got for making this game in the first place, even if they don’t plan on making another character without deleting the first one.

Being able to make new save slots isn’t the only thing that Survival Coins are used for in-game, either. You’ll need them to unlock additional loadouts other than the four that you start the game with, such as the Support Defender shields which help keep the other people in your camp safe when they go out scavenging.

While Metal Gear Survive has gotten at least positive or semi-positive reviews in most areas, the Metal Gear Survive save slot microtransactions are a lingering sign of microtransactions still being around.