King Art Games Announces Iron Harvest Kickstarter, Coming March 13

If you like steampunk and real-time strategy games, you might want to look into the Iron Harvest Kickstarter that’s been announced by King Art Games. The campaign will be starting on March 13 in order to fund the game, an RTS that is based off of an alternate history of World War 1.

Iron Harvest is an alternate history setting where the various warring nations of Europe have created giant robots to serve as armored units on the battlefield, much like tanks in our timeline. The setting is the brainchild of Polish artist Jakub Różalski.

The game will have a single-player campaign that’s actually split up into three a la Starcraft, as the various factions in the game (the Saxony Empire, the Polania Republic, and the nation of Rusviet) battle for supremacy, both against each other and against shadowy forces that are attempting to take control in the chaotic aftermath of the Great War.

Various previous gameplay trailers of Iron Harvest have shown us large bipedal robots of varying sizes and with varying weapon loadouts, fighting alongside infantry through abandoned urban landscapes. We’ve also seen things like machine guns on spider legs being maneuvered around by infantry, and with a setting like this things are sure to get creative. Hero characters will also be appearing.

Though the Iron Harvest Kickstarter does have a start date, it doesn’t really have a goal for the amount of money it wants to get. Thankfully it already has gameplay available to see, though at the same time it will hopefully be able to maintain steady progress so it doesn’t become like so many other Kickstarter games and never come out.

If you want to support the Iron Harvest Kickstarter, be on the lookout for when the game goes live on the website. To see more of Iron Harvest and learn more, follow the links on the page.