Everything You Need To Know About Days Gone – Release Date, Plot, Gameplay Details

Showcased at the end of Sony’s E3 2016 conference to a surprised audience, Days Gone is Bend Studio’s answer to zombie-apocalypse survival genre. Ever since the initial reveal, we have not seen much of the game until E3 2017 where Days Gone returned with yet another awesome gameplay video. You can check the original game reveal from the 2016 E3 below:

If you do not know about Days Gone, it is a new IP from Sony’s Bend Studio, which has quite some decent titles under its belt such as Uncharted: The Golden Abyss and Syphon Filter. You must complete the missions your own way and try to survive the apocalypse in an open-world survival-horror action game in Days Gone.

Everything About Days Gone

The game world is huge and you have the liberty of exploring the world completing missions and surviving the on slough of undead zombies. The main protagonist is a rebellious biker who is trying his best to save everyone dear to him and making sure that he survives as well.

It looks well inspired by Sony’s other apocalyptic games such as The Last of Us. Since Bend Studio comes under Sony, so it will not be a surprise if they borrow some elements from them to make it successful. Since it is a PS4 and PS4 Pro exclusive title, Sony will also want it to be a good title as it could start a chain of titles if it works well.


For an open world game, Days Gone looks amazing. It will have complete PS4 Pro support right from the box so we can see some seriously beautiful environments in full visual fidelity. A lot of attention has been given to make every last pixel of the game to look amazing.

The game seems to be using every last bit of PS4’s hardware to look as amazing as possible. From the trailers, we can see that the game seems to be based in outdoor wilds. Although we cannot deny the existence of in-door environments as well, outdoors look amazing.

Days Gone also features a dynamic weather system which will affect the game in different ways. The weather will affect how you complete the missions and nighttime will be even harder. From the demos, no activities were seen outside the camps during the nighttime. However, we are hoping for a rescue mission during this time, which will be super hard.


In Days Gone, you see the world from the eyes of Deacon St. John, a rebellious biker, who is keen on exploring the outside worlds, be that from adventure or saving others from certain dangers.

The whole world has fallen prey to a global pandemic where nearly all humans have been turned into mindless zombies determined to annihilate the remaining human population. The zombies in Days Gone are known as freakers who seem to be more vicious than your normal zombies are.

They will climb buildings, fall from buildings and break into buildings to get to you. Literally, nothing will stop them if they see you. From the trailers, the main reason behind the pandemic is unknown, we do not know how the world ended and how did Deacon end up in his current situation.

We cannot wait to get answers to all these questions with the full game release. Currently the story aspect of the game is still in the dark. We have the seen the game in action but we know very little about the story. We might be looking for a cure for the disease or simply just trying to survive in the world.

Hopefully, we will get to know more about the game real soon as the first half of 2018 is about to end.


Days Gone features an open world where you will face zombies as well as human enemies. Feels much like the setting of The Last of Us but unlike the linear story, Days Gone features a vast open world with more options of how you approach the different types of missions that you will undertake.

From the trailers it seems that Days Gone will have vehicles or at least one vehicle, our motor cycle as means of transportation throughout the world. Apart from mobility, it seems that the vehicles can also be used to store your spare inventory items. This can be seen in the trailer where Deacon transfers items from his motorcycle to his own pouch.

Also, the game seems to have a crafting mechanic and considering this is a survival open-world game, it suits it well. Scavenging also seems to be a major mechanic of Days Gone. You do not have the liberty of simply blasting away at the enemies. You must find, collect, save and conserve your ammo and resources to survive.

Different weapons have been used in the demos such as pistols, rifles and Molotov cocktails. Weapons can also be modified on the go as demonstrated in the demo. There are also melee weapons as they are most effective against hordes of the undead.

When we say hordes, we literally mean hordes. Not like a normal horde. Days Gone features hordes that are massive in size. As shown in the demo, the complete lumber mill was filled with the undead in a second. They will come from everywhere, climbing buildings, breaking doors, crawling under things.

The sheer sizes of the onslaughts looks amazing and will really test your survival skills. You will have to use everything you got to survive the freakers. They can also be used as distractions for completing other missions. Want to create a diversion to save a hostage in an enemy camp? Lead a pack of freakers to their camp and unleash them onto the camp.

This opens up a world of different opportunities that you can use to complete different missions and shows you how the game gives you freedom for approaching these missions. Below we have the E3 2016 gameplay demo. You can check the solid game mechanics the game seems to offer for yourself.

Release Date

Currently, we do not have a specific launch date. It was announced to come out in the first half of 2018 but so far, we do not have an exact date when the game is going to come out. The game is available for pre-order on all major gaming outlets with no specific launch date as of yet.

During the E3 2017 conference, Sony announced a 2018 first half release date but did not share any further details about the game. We are expecting it to launch soon as the first half is almost going to end soon.

We are very excited about Days Gone as so far it looks like a stellar title from Bend Studio. Since it is Bend Studio’s first PS4 game, they will want to make it good if they want to make a name for themselves on the PS4 platform.

We are eagerly awaiting more details about a confirmed launch date for Days Gone. The game looks promising and if the gameplay is exactly like the demo, it is going to keep us hooked for a long time.

Let us know in the comments below what you think about Days Gone, whether you are excited about Days Gone and are planning to get it day one.