Street Fighter IV: Champion Edition Guide – Special Moves, Super/Ultra Combos, Beginners Tips

This Street Fighter IV: Champion Edition Guide will give you numerous tips and tricks to help you understand the game and be on your way to becoming a great fighter on your mobile device, just like you were on your console back in the day.

Street Fighter is probably ingrained into the memories of almost every gamer over 20 years old. The new Champion Edition for iOS works a little different than the other games in the series due to it being made for mobile devices. Although there is a fairly large amount of depth in the game, it can still be quite difficult to grasp the fundamentals of the game.

Street Fighter IV: Champion Edition Guide

Before we head out into the tips and tricks section, it is important that you try and get accustomed to the feel of the controls and the game using the Solo Mode. The game is almost completely new on mobile so it is good to get a little warmed up before you head into the Online Mode and decide to face off against real players. Arcade Mode can be a good way to get the classic feel of the franchise, or you can try to beat your high score in the Survival Mode.

After that, you should head on over to the Training Mode and try as many of the heroes as you can. The dummy character is irrelevant as it won’t fight back but make sure you try to get a feel for whichever character you are using. Try to see which one of the characters you like best and then use them in solo mode to understand their move sets.

Tips And Tricks

You can try different settings with a dummy, such as being able to make it move and fight back. Eventually, though, you would want to play against other people, and this is how you should do it.

Defense Wins
Make sure you are not too aggressive. This will make you vulnerable to quite a lot of attacks. Try to block as much as you can as it can be done by simply moving back.

Try to do counter attacks as much as you can as that will allow you to surprise the enemy and he or she will be unable to fight back. This may mean that you need to take more time to beat your opponent but it will allow you to at least have a higher win rate than you would otherwise.

Manage Your Special Moves
Make sure you charge your meter so that you can launch an Ultra or a Super Combo. These moves deal huge amounts of damage so it is best if you learn how to incorporate them into your game as soon as you can. Try to use the moves which you feel would have the best chance of hitting the enemies rather than the ones which may deal more damage but are quite a bit riskier.

Keep Moving
Laziness is the enemy. Make sure you keep on moving so that your enemy cannot keep up with you. Agility will allow you to dodge attacks as well as block moves. Try to move away from your opponent as much as you can and use the right moments to attack them.

Make sure you do different stuff. Good players will soon realize if you are a one trick pony and will easily be able to counter whatever it is that you are trying to do. Mix up your moves again and again to keep your opponent guessing.

You can Block Ultra and Super Combos
Yes, you got that right. It is possible to block these attacks as well. This means that you need to be sure of the fact that you will be able to land a certain combo before you use up your gauge and do that combo. You can also block the opponent from doing these special combos to get an upper edge during the fight.

That is all we have for our Street Fighter IV: Champion Edition Guide. Let us know if we missed something using the comments section below!