Rare Shows Sea Of Thieves Skeleton Fort Encounters In Action

The game Sea Of Thieves that is scheduled to roll out in March this year has been in the minds of many fans and players. While the fans wait anxiously for the release they are on the lookout for any information that pops up regarding the game and that it has. The developers of the game, Rare have shown the Sea Of Thieves Skeleton Fort Encounters in action.

This may certainly not be the first time we are hearing about the Skeleton Forts, we have had few references to it before as well in general terms. Although in the latest edition of Rare’s Inn-side Story video series, Senior Designer Andrew Preston and Senior Software Engineer Tom Berry have discussed many aspects of the game. Though the most interesting being the Sea Of Thieves Skeleton Fort.

In the Inn-side Story video, they have shown some glimpses of the new cursed encounters in action and they look amazing. If you remember and had a chance to check out the Sea Of Thieves Beta that rolled out a little while back, you might have come across inactive Skeleton Forts already. They are a labyrinthine tangle of paths and islets that culminate in a huge central fort structure.

Although, there will not be much to see until the cursed Skeleton Fort events begin because that is when an enormous skull cloud will appear above the fort with the glowing eyes as well trying to draw the attention of the treasure hunters from all across the map.

Upon arrival of the player, increasingly vast hordes of aggressive skeleton pirates will be there to fight. They will be spawning in waves both inside the fortress and outside. Players can choose to fight on foot although the vessels will help their assistance with cannon fire.

For the final boss, a skeleton captain will spawn for one last fight. Upon his defeat, a key will be available that will give the player access to locked doors situated at the base of the Skeleton Fort. What is behind those doors are the untold riches. The Developers have deliberately piled up lots of treasures behind those doors so the players have to make bold decisions while taking the treasures.

Rare has also given insight that it also plans to further enrich the game as the time goes by. So that’s to say that this game may last for a long time. With that said very recently rare’s Executive Producer, Joe Neate shared that the team has its focus set on the frequency of enemy encounters compared to the initial Map size and that does make sense.

The Game is scheduled to roll out on March 20th, 2018 and will be available on Xbox One and PC.

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