Metal Gear Survive Farming Guide – How To Farm Resources, Kuban Energy Farming, Easy Farming Tips

Metal Gear Survive, Konami’s new direction Metal Gear, is not out and it brings all the zombie killing and survival elements in a decent enough package. In metal Gear Survive, you will have to take down hordes of zombies and for that, you will require many resources. We have curated this easy Metal Gear Survive Farming Guide for you in which we will tell you how you can quickly farm some of the important resources in Metal Gear Survive.

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Metal Gear Survive Farming

Metal Gear Survive is a survival game so that means that you will do a lot of crafting and for this, you will require a lot of crafting materials. Farming in Metal Gear Survive is no easy job and if you are playing with a team, you will be collecting for the whole team.

Any material that you collect will be shared with the whole team when you playing in any of the online modes. This makes online modes out of the question for farming since you will be getting half of the items most of the time.

Below we have two easy methods of farming materials and Kuban Energy in Metal Gear Survive. By using any one of these methods, you will be able to collect Kuban Energy and materials much faster than by any other farming method.

The normal way of earning Kuban Energy and materials is by playing the salvage missions with a team and try to obtain a good rank. At the end of the match, you will be rewarded with Kuban Energy and materials that you collect will be distributed among the whole team equally.

These missions work like a sequence so if you deplete all your ammo for a weapon in one stage but do not craft anymore in the main screen, you will enter the battle with zero ammo for that weapon. Reserve your ammo and materials and use them only when required. Avoid crafting useless items and ammo types.

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Farming Method #1

The first method requires you to play the salvage missions. You can go to the main screen and choose any of the salvage missions. Once the mission starts, you can simply run to the objective. Since we are looking for a fast run, you can un-equip all the gear so that you run even faster.

Once you reach the point to place the extractor, clear the area of all enemies and place the extractor. Do not wait for the timer to end and start the waves instantly. Now, as soon as the waves start coming and the extractor starts to collect Iris energy, press and hold X to withdraw.

This will end the mission but it will give you rewards at the end of the mission. You can choose harder difficulties for even better rewards by this method. However, since you will be playing as part of a team, you will end up ruining the game for others as well if you plan to farm by this method.

Farming Method #2

The second farming method requires the same salvage missions but this time, you will be playing in single player mode. Since collecting materials, as a team will distribute them equally among the whole team, using this method ensures that all materials go into your inventory for later use.

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Start a single player salvage mission and head to the location of the extractor. Once there, place the extractor and start the game. Once the waves start pouring in, run away from it and start hunting for materials all around the map. Try to explore every nook and corner of the map and collect as many materials as possible.

You will continue to get warnings about the extractor being under attack but you can ignore the warnings. Alternatively, if you want to extend the time of your material hunt, you can go back and finish off the first wave. Once the wave ends, you will get more time to continue your material hunt.

Continue until the extractor holds against the hordes of the undead. Once the extractor is destroyed, you will fail the mission but will have many materials ready for crafting. You can repeat this process as many times as you want.

This concludes our Metal Gear Survive Farming Guide. If you want to add anything to this guide, feel free to use the comments section below!

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