Metal Gear Survive Classes Guide – How To Unlock, Breaking Down MGS Classes (Tips)

Our Metal Gear Survive Classes Guide will give you an overview of all four classes in MGS, break each class down, and tell you which class to choose depending on your playstyle.

Class System is rather unique in Metal Gear Survive. Most players won’t even get to know that there are actually 4 subcategories of classes. This is because these 4 sub-classes are available after the singleplayer campaign is completed in its entirety including the Milestone Mission post-campaign.

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Metal Gear Survive Classes

Early on, the class which will be common to all players would be the ‘Survivor’ class. Players can level up this class by leveling up in the constituting attributes: Dexterity, Endurance, Vitality, and Strength. Skill Points earned through completing both Side Quests and Main Quests will allow the player to upgrade the attributes of their choice.

Now let’s get to the interesting part: unlocking those four sub-classes. After completing the Main Story, players will be tasked by Virgil to collect ‘Memory Boards’. Being successful in the mission will unlock the sub-classes: Assault, Jaeger (Hunter), Medic, and Scout. All these categories won’t be new to players who have played multiplayer shoot-em-ups like Team Fortress 2 or Evolve.

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Assault Class
This class focuses on close-quarter combat with powerful weapons including both rifles of all sorts and melee equipment. This is one of the more action-oriented classes out of the four. If you like to run-and-gun, this is the class you should be looking at!

Jager Class
Jager/Hunter class focuses more on stealth kills. Class weapons include bow and arrows, silent sniping equipment, and more. Due to the nature of the firearms, Jagers/Hunters are best suited for long-range combat and providing support for the other classes. Channel your inner Big Boss by going for Jager/Hunter.

Medic Class
Medic functions by providing Health Kits and ensuring the teammates are never low on Vitality. One of the skills of this class include ‘Cure Knuckles’ which heals the other classes while depleting some of the health of the Medic; enemies nearby are also damaged in the process.

Scout Class
As the name suggests, this class offers players quite a boost in their mobility and camouflage skills. With the help of the scout class, other teammates can track, avoid, or approach different hurdles and enemies.

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Even though unlocking these classes can be a bit of a stretch but everything after is a blast. The sub-classes bring depth to the survival mechanism that is at the heart of the game. It also makes for strategy building, planning, and cooperation among the players.

This is all we have in our Metal Gear Survive Classes Guide. If there is anything else that you would like to add, let us know in the comments section below!

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