Metal Gear Survive Base Expansion Guide – Base Development, Base Expansion Tips (Tips And Tricks)

With the help of our Metal Gear Survive Base Expansion Guide, you will have all the required information for developing and expanding your base in MGS. Developing/Expanding your base is something you should consider right off the bat, as a fully-established base will ensure your survival.

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Metal Gear Survive Base Expansion And Development

Since the feature was introduced in Metal Gear Solid V: The Phantom Pain, the concept has become far too important to ignore in any installments which follow. Kudos to Metal Gear Survive for that! Base Development in the game remains a prominent feature which adds an extra flair to the leveling up and progression system of MG Survive.

Developing base is important for recruiting more staff and assigning them certain functions. A bigger base will allow incorporation of more equipment and facilities including Food/Water Supplies, building materials like fences, barriers, campfires, and more workstations for upgrading weapons. In our Metal Gear Survive Base Expansion Guide, we discuss the integral aspects of the base development system.

How To Develop And Expand Base in MGS?

The foremost part of the Base Development is Crafting. Under this category, improvements and modifications can be carried out for gear, gadgets, weapons, medical facilities, and campfire. Due to the insane level of detail in the game, you can actually place these workbenches and workstation for the above facilities at precise locations of your choice within the base.

Moreover, you can also change the orientation, repair or even deconstruct these workbenches to get the previously invested resources back. All of these progressions are possible as you level up in the game and earn enough Kuban Energy, the local game currency. For weapons and other gadgets, you will also need materials like Steel, Iron, and Screws in the required quantity for modification.

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Campfire, for those unfamiliar, can purify water to eliminate chances of getting sick by drinking dirty water. Oh, you can also grill sheep (I mean, dead ones) using these campfires! Medical Station will allow you to create Health Kits and cure diseases, and remove fatigue through Energy Drinks. Other workbenches will help you modify firearms like Thermal Vision, increased Clip Capacity, and gear which increase Mobility and Camouflage Abilities.

There’s also another aspect of the Base Development which includes the ‘Storehouse’ option. This is when you have to remove certain unwanted (according to situations) items from your inventory and place them temporarily in your base. This is also where replenishment resources can be stored.

The Resource Area of the Base Development System is for setting up tanks and containers for the collection of water and techniques for purifying it. Shelter in the form of tents and small sectors can be set up for the recruited staff here. The Defense Unit of the base will help you erect fences, barbed wires on those fences, and barricades. This to make the whole area even more secure from any unknown threats.

Finally, if you run out of space regarding the establishment of these various buildings and workstations, Base Expansion is what you should go for. This will not only allow you to bring and store more resources in your base but the defenses of the base also go up considerably.

This option only becomes available once the player reaches Chapter #14. Also note, for construction of this new and bigger platform, you may need to remove partially built platforms or lumps of metal which may provide a hindrance. You can use the Deconstruction Tool to help with this task.

Thus, Base Development remains as crucial to the core of Metal Gear Survive as customization to your character. Underlying the themes of survival, a developed and expanded stronghold is highly encouraged.

This is all we have in our Metal Gear Survive Base Expansion Guide. Have any other tips and guidelines that you would like to share with us? Feel free to let us know in the comments section below!

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