Final Fantasy 15 Crossover With Half Life Nets Early Buyers An HEV Suit

Yet another Final Fantasy 15 crossover, this time with the Half Life games, is happening as the game comes closer and closer to release on the PC. Pre-order buyers are able to get an HEV suit from Half-Life as part of the crossover, and the outfit even includes Freeman’s glasses and crowbar.

This is only the most recent crossover that has happened with Final Fantasy 15 and another game. When Assassin’s Creed Origins was coming out, Final Fantasy 15 offered a special event where Noctis and his friends could dress up in Assassin outfits and parkour around the town of Lestallum during a festival.

The costume is only one of the various bonuses that come with the game depending on where you pre-order it from. The Final Fantasy 15 crossover costume is only for if you buy the game on Steam; buying it from the Microsoft Store earns you a stash of Phoenix Downs and Elixers along with a special sword, while Origin gets a set of car decals.

With those other rewards in mind, unless you want something more useful instead of a costume or car decals, the Steam deal seems like the best one. The crossover is only available until March 6 when the game releases on the PC and then you’ll lose the opportunity. While it’s not much of a loss if you’re not one for weird costumes, it’s at least worth a laugh to see.

Final Fantasy 15’s PC version will have all of its DLC already installed, so you can play through the whole story and take advantage of all of the game’s improvements for free, without having to pay for the console version’s expensive season pass. You’ll also be getting the Comrades DLC, which lets players go through the game in co-op.

So, if you want to get a hold of the newest Final Fantasy 15 crossover promotion, then be sure to pre-order the game before March 6 on Steam.