Here’s How DC Comics Sets Aquaman’s Mera Before Her Solo Comic Book Launch

For those unaware, Mera will finally be receiving her very own solo comic book series called “Mera: Queen of Atlantis” next week after having stuck with Aquaman all these decades in the pages of DC Comics.

The journey will mark a new beginning for the character and the scribes have been busy penning down her reboot (via CBR) in the past few months. Before moving forward, take heed that there are major spoilers for those yet to read through the recent issues of Aquaman.

The political situation in Atlantis has reached a severe breaking point in the mythos. Corum Rath, once deemed as a terrorist and great threat for the underwater kingdom, has now become its very ruler. His tyranny eventually forced Aquaman to lead a rebellion force and free Atlantis from the madman. During this tense setup, there is the growing notion that Mera is the only one remaining person fit to ascend the throne.

However, the wife of Aquaman has her own problems to deal with right now. After Corum Rath used a spell to summon a mystical barrier around the kingdom, Mera took outside help to get back inside. The magical process took away her ability to breathe underwater. She was left with no choice but to go on an air-breathing contraption as a temporary solution.

While close to death and stuck inside the barrier, she was freed by Aquaman and his rebel forces and taken back to the surface. This rescue mission, though, did not end before Mera was quickly named the new queen of Atlantis in a small ceremony. She is now safe and more good news is that the curse of not being able to breathe underwater will eventually fade away.

Mera is now preparing to defeat Corum Rath and claim the throne. This confrontation will be told by DC Comics when the first issue of “Mera: Queen of Atlantis” releases on February 28, 2018.