Contribute to Making the Next Halo MCC Update Better

Developers at 343 Industries want community feedback regarding the upcoming Halo MCC Update.

The community manager Brian Jarrard, posted on the official Halo Waypoint, asking the fans for their top new feature wishlist for the update. Brian Jarrard goes by the name ‘Ske7ch’ on Halo Waypoint.

Ske7ch also added that this by no means is a promise that those features will be included but this is rather a form of exercise to help the team understand better that if there is any improvement or change that can be made to make the game better and desirable.

Further clarifications for the feedbacks were also given to help the players give better suggestions. Like the community was asked not pick networking and improvements as top features as they are already underway. Similarly, this also applies to the dedicated servers for all matchmade games and the promised Xbox One X enhancements.

For now, this is it regarding the Halo MCC Update no further comments have been added by the developers if any more stuff pops up we will surely let you guys know. Meanwhile, a lot of fans have been worried that the Halo 6 may be affected by the present concentration on Halo MCC and Halo 5.

To which the developer 343 Industries recently clarified that they are pulling resources of the company in such a manner that Halo 6 will not get affected.

Let us hope that what they are saying is true and all of the titles get the appropriate attention. With that said the release date of the Update has not been released.