Ubisoft Looking Into Blockchain Tech To Enhance The In-Game Experience

Game developers have been looking towards different technologies to enhance the game experience and Ubisoft has a dedicated R&D division, Strategic Innovation Lab, just for this purpose and studio is looking into Blockchain tech to enhance its game’s experience.

Ubisoft Strategic Innovation Lab is already considering AI to enhance the game experience and now has revealed that the studio is also looking into Blockchain Tech for its games.

According to Lidwine Sauer, Director of Insights and Trends, with Blockchain Tech players will “finally have real digital collectibles that cannot be replicated by anyone and can be 100 percent owned by you. Thanks to the blockchain, we can now have the equivalent of a digital Picasso, with the advantage that it’s a lot more difficult to steal something on the blockchain than to steak a Picasso.”

For those who don’t know, this specific tech allows for the digital items to be unique and one of a king and in terms of games, it would mean unique in-game items or DLC for gamers.

It’s one of the use cases of the blockchain, and we want to go further than that. We feel there’s something even more interesting to find [through the blockchain], and we’re in the process of trying to find that interesting thing.

Speaking of Ubisoft, the studio has revealed that there are no plans for Rainbow Six Siege sequel but plans to extend and support the game for at least 10 years.

It would be interesting to see the implications of the Blockchain tech in games such as Far Cry 5 and especially if there is a sequel to Watch Dos 2 and it wouldn’t be the first time as Tobii’s EyeX Technology has been introduced to The Division.

What is your take on Ubisoft looking into Blockchain Tech to enhance its games? Will this technology have any practical implications for games? Let us know in the comments.

Source: IGN