System Shock Remake Kickstarter Backers Are Getting Angry, Here’s Why

Remember when the System Shock Remake announcement came through Kickstarter? All fans were incredibly excited at the time, as System Shock is one of those games that one does not easily forget. After years of silence and a lot of nagging, System Shock Remake development is coming to a pause and campaign backers are not happy about it.

System Shock was, and still is, one of the most genre-defining games in the industry up to date. When the remake was announced everyone was eager to help Nightdive bring the title back so that everyone can experience it once more. Since then more than $1million has been collected through Kickstarter and the development has started. Not everything was as perfect as it seemed though.

Back in March 2016, Nightdive has announced that they are changing their original plans of developing System Shock on Unity and moved on to Unreal Engine 4. The developers thought at the time that Unreal would fit the game more, visually, and give them the opportunity to bring the game to consoles as well but that would bring no changes to their original plans. However, when the first pre-alpha footage emerged it was nowhere near the footage we’ve seen on Unity. It almost felt like a generic sci-fi walking simulator. Complaints were made but the development held on.

As months went by, Nightdive seemed to be swaying more from their original plan and System Shock Remake was getting a project out of hand. As a result, Nightdive CEO, Stephen Kick has updated the project’s dev blog some days ago with a message saying to backers that he “has put the team on a hiatus” to reassess their path and get back stronger. As he revealed, as their budget grew, so did the potential for it and it made the team go way beyond what they originally worked on.

This might seem like a bad thing now but better late than never right? As long as what Kick says is true and the project won’t be canceled, fans won’t mind waiting some more time. This might cause a lot of complaints from part of backers but we’ve waited longer for great games to get released. Cross fingers for Nightdive to set their goals straight and make System Shock great again.