Super Mario Odyssey Update Adds Mini Game, Snapshot Filters, And Outfits

The free Super Mario Odyssey Update that was expected to roll out is now available. The update has added a new mini-game, two snapshot filters, and three outfits as promised.

Keep in mind that you must have finished the story in order to avail the features. If you have finished the story, you can then play the minigame “Baloon World.” Luigi will show up in each world, whom you can find by using your map as well.

New filters have been added to the snapshot mode (Coin and Neon). With successful attempts, you are rewarded in the form of coins, rankings and win streaks that give you even more earnings. Making it possible for you to grind those final pricey costumes.

The Super Mario Odyssey Update also brings you Nintendo’s penchant for friend codes which means that you can directly challenge others with a well-hidden ballon.

The Outfits are locked for those whose game is not completed, provided you complete the game the outfits will be available but they certainly are not cheap, for example, the Super Mario Sunshine set is 4500 coins.

You can check the shop to find Musician hat & Musician outfit, Sunshine shades & Sunshine outfit as well as Knight Helmet & Knight Armor.

So what are you waiting for the Super Mario Update is free and is yours for the taking? With that said Super Mario Odessey rolled out in October 2017 and by December 31st, 2017 it sold over 9 million units and the numbers are still growing.

Super Mario has become a legendary game and the way Nintendo has been treating it. It seems like this title will never die out. The Title has won a plethora of game awards and they only seem to pile up. So while more updates roll out, let your self-indulge in the super world of Mario.