State of Decay 2 Screenshots Released, Zombie Infested Environment Look Gorgeous

The upcoming open-world zombie survival game, State of Decay 2 is being awaited by the fans and they will nibble on any ounce of detail they can gather. Well, the State Of Decay 2 Screenshots have surfaced and they capture the environment of the game beautifully.

The State Of Decay 2 Screenshot showcases the environment that is infested with zombies. What we can gather from them is that players will be able to explore and scavenge for supplies. Doing all this while trying to survive the zombie hordes that infest the world.

The developer Undead Labs posted these new screenshots on Twitter. The first screenshot reveals that there is a vast world to explore. Three elements that can be seen are graves, vast lands, mountains and wind turbines. All this implies that the game will be a perfect blend of an action-adventure survival horror and stealth.

The first image was posted on 20th Feb with the others before it. The second screenshot is more intense, it gives a view of a house and a tempting cracked window, that is really waiting to be smashed, so the sound explodes and the zombies waiting for the sound may have a reason to find you.

The game has been rated by ESRB and something like this normally takes place when the project is close to completion. Although the specific release date for the game has not been given. With that said that the community manager of Undead Studios has also said that there is a possibility that the game may get released in the spring, this year.

So let us hope that happens as many of the fans are now becoming anxious for the game.
The game State Of Decay 2 will be coming out on Xbox One and PC.