Starbreeze Says Payday 2 On The Switch Is Older Than Current Versions

Starbreeze, the owners of the Payday franchise, have just had to deliver some unpleasant news to franchise fans that wanted to see Payday 2 on the Switch. While the game is still coming to the console, it’s apparently an older version than what other consoles have currently, and only has upgraded graphics.

Apparently, a streamer that had gotten early access to the game showed off a number of things that were different between the current version of the game and the Nintendo Switch version. For starters, the “end of heist” screen that plays at the end of missions doesn’t have an option to speed things up.

Along with that, the player is blinded by a flashbang, but there isn’t a flashbang visible. While the gameplay hasn’t been updated (apparently past the 124 version), the game’s textures apparently have, as billboards outside of robbery targets have been updated with new textures that are from the 131 update.

Unsurprisingly, the fact that we’re getting an older version of Payday 2 on the Switch has a lot of the franchise’s fans fairly unhappy, with many even starting to tell other Payday fans not to buy the version in order to “stick it” to the developers.

Starbreeze has apparently told Polygon that the version of Payday 2 on the Switch might only be on the Most Wanted update, which was released in mid-2017, but the only reason it’s not on par with the others is that between starting development on the port, and now, is because the Xbox One, Playstation 4, and PC versions of the game have all gotten a new update, the Master Plan update.

According to Starbreeze this means that the Switch version is only one update behind the version currently on consoles, so hopefully when the game comes out on the Switch Starbreeze will try and update it as fast as possible.

Payday 2 on the Switch is going to be coming out on February 27.