The Last of Us 2 Director Says That Naughty Dog’s Next Game Might Not Be A Third Person

Well you probably know this already that the Annual DICE Summit 2018 started yesterday on 21st and there have been some really great discussions by some major developers, talking about the future of the gaming industry was just one of the main things. Although among so many talks and stuff something interesting caught the attention. The reference to Naughty Dog’s Non third person Game.

Naughty Dog, which you probably remember from its famous third person Games, Uncharted series or the Last of Us series, have shared their interest in making a non-third-person shooter game.

Until now they have not made any non-third-person shooter, excluding the games before Crash 1 in 1999 as there were some non-TPS as well but it has been a while.

Considering the success they have had with their third person games it can be expected that if they go forward with this plan they will surely justify it. The creative director of the video game company Naughty Dog and The Last of Us 2, Neil Druckmann said at the DICE Summit that they are totally open to the idea of the non-third-person shooter video game.

He added “We’re totally open. The future, the next game that we do might not be third-person,” letting the fans know that the next game might not be a third person really puts a tag that this just might be it. What most of the fans have been wanting for a long time form Naughty Dog may actually be possible now.

Although he did not specifically say that they will be making a first-person shooter game. We all know that we would really love to see a first-person work done by Naughty Dog.

Back when Naughty Dog was working on the game The Last of Us, Drunkmann said that the studio has been brainstorming on the possibility of a non-third person shooter. He also related to Half-Life game, humorously speaking that the company may just make a Half-Life 3.

While many of the players do think that it would be a great step taken by the company to make Naughty Dog’s Non TPS Game, some still love the third person perspective they have given and fear that moving to the non-TPS may change the course of the company.

What are your thoughts on a non-TPS Game by Naughty Dog? Or would you rather, that they stay the same? Let us know in the comments below.

Source: IGN