Report: Honking Your Car Near a Streamer in PUBG is Considered Harrassment

Over time it has become evident that Bluehole treats streamers differently than regular players. Custom games are mostly controlled by streamers and now PUBG devs are banning players for honking near streamers.

Yes, honking your car near a streamer is considered harassment and players are getting banned for doing so. It is ridiculous to think Bluehole would consider banning players over this but unfortunately, players are reporting this issue.



What makes this worse is that honking your horn is actually a baiting technique used in the game by many players, including us here at SegmentNext. It is used to flush out campers, make them shoot to reveal their position. However, it seems we have been harassing those campers and they could have easily reported us.

It is surprising how Bluehole has failed to ban cheaters and stop them from accessing their game again but how easy it is to ban innocent players. Even if they deliberately honk near streamers, is that harassment and cause for a permanent ban? How would they differentiate between someone who is harassing streamers and the one who is trying to flush out campers?

We all paid the same amount of money to play this game and deserve to be treated equally. Prioritizing streamers over regular players is an unacceptable practice.

No matter how big your game is you should never underestimate the community’s ability to stand together against shady publisher practices, just ask EA and its Star Wars Battlefront 2. PUBG player numbers are declining and such issues could make matters worse, to the point where even the precious streamers could leave this game behind.

Do you think Bluehole is doing the right thing here? Share your views in the comments below.