Here’s A New Faction Rally Token Exploit To Use In Destiny 2

A little while ago, Bungie patched a certain exploit in Destiny 2 that made it easy to farm at least 300 tokens during faction rally events. However, we’ve uncovered a new Faction Rally token exploit that you can use to game the system and make sure that your chosen faction wins.

This week brings another Faction Rally to Destiny 2 players, allowing Guardians to pledge their loyalty to a faction in exchange for the possibility of a cool weapon if they’re able to claim victory. In order to claim victory, Guardians have to gather tokens to increase their faction ranking, and one YouTuber named Mesa Sean has come up with an exploit.

Mesa’s new Faction Rally token exploit allows Guardians to run a Lost Sector over and over again, allowing players to get a ton of tokens. In order to do this, players have to go to a Lost Sector (Mesa recommends a specific one, on Titan, called Cargo Bay 3 which you can access via the Rig landing zone).

Once you get to the Lost Sector, go through it as you would normally, killing the boss and collecting the tokens out of the chest that’s there. Once you’ve done it, kill yourself somehow. Once you respawn, you can do the sector again, kill the boss again, and get even more tokens.

This Faction Rally Token exploit works now because Bungie changed the method that allowed players to open chests in Lost Sectors. Previously, they would have a timed lockout in order to prevent people from doing it constantly. Now, however, it seems they’ve changed that to be that players have to kill a boss before they can open the chest.

You also have to be mindful on where you kill yourself and how. Just letting enemies kill you won’t do it; a rocket right at your feet is the best method. You also need to be standing away from the chest. Killing yourself correctly will spawn you right back outside the door.

If you want the actual walkthrough video yourself so you can see what to do, you can look further up the article and watch the video yourself.