Final Fantasy 15 Windows Edition Preview Praises The First-Person Mode, Fully Customizable Controls And Visuals

Final Fantasy 15 is just a few weeks away from rolling out on PC and it will be a while before we get to review the game for ourselves but, Gamewatcher was able to preview the Final Fantasy 15 Windows Edition who praises the game for its fully customizable controls, visuals, and first-person mode.

First up are the fully customizable controls for the Final Fantasy 15 Windows Edition and the preview suggests that the use of mouse and keyboard for playing the game feels very natural which is a big achievement since the game was initially developed for consoles. However, players will need to get used to the game’s combat system a bit.

Moving ahead the preview also praises the first-person mode for Final Fantasy 15 Windows Edition and according to the preview, the first-person mode for the game “works astonishingly well” and the controls don’t feel rushed for the first-person mode.

Last but not least, the preview praised the game for its beautiful visuals as the game looks “utterly amazing” on PC.

Just running through the fields, watching the grass sway, with the character physics in full motion and the draw distance to maximum is incredible, and we never saw the FPS drop below 60. The Square Enix rep, who’s played a lot of the game on console, says he’d never noticed that Gladiolus had tattoos on his back – but now that his coat can flap about realistically you can see it. Hair looked great, which we normally wouldn’t care about except it was particularly awesome on the furry Behemoth. The fog was thick and gorgeous, and the only thing you could see was the lights of the garage we started at several miles away. The draw distance is really quite good.

In related news, recently Square Enix rolled out a benchmark tool to give gamers an idea of how well the game will run on their systems. However, the benchmark tool had some issues especially with Nvidia GameWorks, which is evident in our benchmark.

However, Square Enix has clarified that these issues will be resolved with the game’s final release.

Final Fantasy 15 is an open-world action adventure game developed by Square Enix for PS4 and Xbox One and will roll out on March 6 for PC.

Source: GameWatcher