Fake Starter Pokemon Outed By Their Artist, Not For New Generation

The fake starter Pokemon that were supposedly going to be seen in the new generation of Pokemon games coming to the Switch have been outed for what they truly are today, and by the artist that drew them no less. We’ll still have to wait a while before the actual starters are revealed.

The three starters, consisting of a Grass-type lemur looking Pokemon, a Fire-type rabbit, and a Water-type platypus, were the product of a Pokemon fan artist by the name of 50ShadesOfHeliolisk, who revealed that they were fake on his Facebook page.

Fake starter Pokemon are nothing new, especially when players want a new generation to start up (especially true now, with many Pokemon fans wanting details on the new generation supposedly coming to the Nintendo Switch). However, it appears that with three more fake starter Pokemon revealed, we’ll have to keep on waiting.

Even with these three fake Pokemon coming out, it’s often the first question on many peoples’ minds as to what the starters in a new region look like. Alola’s had one of the best reactions yet, as many players fell in love with Rowlett and Litten and a bit of a debate erupted over whether Popplio was a good addition to the lineup or not.

Yet when Sun and Moon came out, there were many gamers who picked all three, and trading for new starters to fill out the Pokedex is something of a necessity among Pokemon trainers that want to fill up their entire Pokedex, especially when often the third starter gets neglected.

Either way, we’ll just have to wait until Nintendo and The Pokemon Company are ready to actually reveal the new starters before we can start freaking out over how adorable or awesome they look. Hopefully, Nintendo will have news on the new starters for us soon.