To Everyone’s Surprise, Metal Gear Survive is Seeing Positive Reviews

For the better part of its pre-release timeframe, Metal Gear Survive was considered an abomination. But while Metal Gear Solid fans swore to boycott this title due to the situation with Hideo Kojima and what Konami did to The Phantom Pain, some did keep an open mind.

Metal Gear Survive is out today and it seems those who kept an open mind are actually enjoying the game, at least on Steam. PC gamers are posting positive reviews about Metal Gear Survive. It seems players are enjoying this game while understanding that this isn’t a Metal Gear Solid game.

With Metal Gear Survive, Konami devs aren’t hiding behind the fact that this is a spin-off to the base series. Let’s take a look at some of the reviews from Steam:

It’s not some sort of revolutionary work of art that everyone must experience, but it’s also not the garbage fire that fanboys will scream at you that it is. It’s just an alright little game based off of MGSV. I’m 3 hours in and it feels like I’ve barely started so I’m sure the length is probably good, multiplayer is fun.

All in all: just a fun survival exploration game

I am SHOCKED to be saying this — SHOCKED. But this is actually a REALLY fun game. I almost wanted it to be bad just to spite Konami for firing Kojima but it’s not bad. If you can mentally bring yourself to just accept that this is not a TRUE Metal Gear Game, and if you’re someone who happens to enjoy games like Dead Rising, Orcs Must Die (oddly enough) and Resident Evil V, then this game plays like a fun blend of all of them with base building and crafting mechanics thrown in the mix.

It’s really, actually quite a good game (at least so far!)

Almost 3 hours in and I’m having a blast.
Controls are tight and responsive
FOX engine runs on literal toasters
Basebuilding is interesting and the story is surprisingly decent

The game is available on PC, PS4, and Xbox One for $39.99.