These Are The Destiny 2 Exotics We Want From XUR The Next Time He Comes(23/2/2018)

XUR comes every week to Destiny 2 and with him, he brings his usual assortment of Destiny 2 Exotics with him. However, he doesn’t always bring the Exotics we want the most. Every week XUR comes to different planet and location.

Given that there are a lot of Destiny 2 Exotics that players want from XUR that he rarely brings, we will list the exotic gear and weapon that we want XUR to bring the next time he comes to visit us.

Destiny 2 Exotics We Want

Destiny 2 is all about collecting the right gear and what better gear than Exotic is there in Destiny 2. The following are the exotics that we want XUR to offer the next he arrives in Destiny 2 to make the most of our builds.

Vigilance Wing
Let’s start with the Vigilance Wing Fusion rifle. This one of the Exotic gear we want XUR to bring along with him the next time he comes to Destiny 2. Aside from being an Exotic weapon, this fusion rifle has a perk that might help players during Battles.

The perk in question is “Harsh Truths” which activates rather at a tragic time. During the battle, if one of the allies is killed and you have Vigilance Wing equipped then you get increased movement speed and health regeneration will kick in, giving you an edge in battle. We really hope XUR brings this exotic weapon the next time he comes to Destiny 2.

Celestial Nighthawk
Celestial Nighthawk is another one of the Destiny Exotic gear we want XUR to bring it with him and there is a reason why this exotic Hunter armor is in demand.

The reason why Destiny 2 players wan this specific Exotic gear is its “Hawkeye Hack” perk which is very interesting and useful. This specific perk is useful when players are using the Gunslinger Hunter subclass.

If you are using the Gunslinger subclass and activate your “Golden Gun” ultimate, the Hawkeye Hack perk will modify your ultimate. Normally this ultimate lets players fire multiple shots before it expires and each shot deals heavy damage.

However, the Hawkeye Hack perk will modify it to just single shot and damage will be significantly increased which capable of destroying centurions in one shot. Furthermore, if the enemy dies by this shot, it will explode and will deal damage to the nearby enemies.

Synthoceps is a very useful Exotic armor especially if you are backed into a corner by a mob of enemies. The reason why this Exotic Titan Armour is useful is its “Biotic Enhancements” perk.

This perk is very useful when you are surrounded by a mob of enemies. This Exotic armor not only increased the melee luge rate but the melee damage is also increased if you are surrounded. Meaning you can just melee your way out of the mob due to increased melee damage and increased range.

Crown of Tempests
Crown of Tempests is a Warlock Exotic armor and can only be equipped by Warlock class. Also, this is a very useful exotic gear if you are playing Arc subclass.

If you are playing with the Arc subclass of Warlock then this exotic armor has a per called “CONDUCTION TINES” which will of great help to players. What this perk is that when you use your Arc abilities and kill enemies, each kill will increase the recharge rate of all your ARC abilities.

Meaning you will be able to use your arc abilities in quick succession until there is no enemy left on the battlefield.

These are the exotics we want the next time XUR arrives in Destiny 2. Did we miss any exotic you want XUR to bring? Let us know in the comments.