A Burnout Paradise Remaster Is Coming, And It Doesn’t Have Microtransactions

EA nearly ruined what might have been a good example of goodwill to its fans early today when they announced that a Burnout Paradise Remaster is in the making. Apparently some fans saw a listing that mentioned that the game would have microtransactions, but this was apparently a mistake by EA.

The updated version of Burnout Paradise will have remastered sounds and visuals, and brings together all of the game’s DLC together in one convenient package, and the fact that there’s no microtransactions makes it even better, both for fans of the series and for EA.

The Burnout games became notable to many gamers for their spectacular crashes, which often were the main draw of the game to many people. A game mode that tasked players with making the most destructive crash imaginable is one of its most popular modes.

EA’s last high-profile release was Star Wars Battlefront 2, which had a horrific launch that sent the company’s stock plunging by three billion dollars and lacked any sort of resemblance to a blockbuster, due to the game’s microtransaction system blocking off access to multiple heroes like Darth Vader, Darth Maul, Luke Skywalker, and others.

While those microtransactions were removed from the game the night before launch (rumored to be on direct orders from Disney), the backlash was bad enough that the game sold horribly on launch and is only just now recovering.

Due to the listing on the Burnout Paradise Remaster Playstation Store listing, EA might have had another controversy on its hands, but thankfully their public relations was better this time around, as Ben Walke took to Twitter to explain that it was an error.

Either way, hopefully the Burnout Paradise Remaster can re-open the possibility of a new Burnout game sometime in the future, especially if it has all the DLC on it that both old and new players can enjoy.

The Burnout Paradise Remaster will come out on March 16 for the Xbox One, Playstation 4, and PC.