Android 9.0 P Will Block Mic Access To Idle Background Apps

Android 8.0 has already made it very easy for the Android smartphone users to manage their idle background apps and it seems that the upcoming Android 9.0 P will take another step ahead as this upcoming version of the Android mobile OS will also block the background apps from accessing the phone’s mic.

This comes shortly after it was revealed that Android 9.0 P will restrict the idle apps from accessing the camera and with the background apps being denied access to the mic will not only increase the phone’s performance a little bit but will also ensure a sense of privacy and security.

Android 9.0 is yet to be revealed by Google and will be unveiled by the company at Google’s I/O event that will take place in May.

The reason why this is an important step from Google is that it will protect user’s privacy as last year it was reported that over 1000 popular Android apps record audio using the phone’s mic for the purpose of recording ad-tracking audio signals.

With Android 6.0 a permission system was introduced that made it mandatory for the apps to ask for permissions to access the camera and mic, however, once the permission was given there was nothing the user could do to prevent apps from recording through the mic or capturing through the camera.

However, with Android 9.0 P blocking the background apps from accessing the mic and camera, smartphone users will get a sense of privacy.

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What do you think of Android 9.0 blocking access to mic and camera to the background and idle apps? Let us know in the comments.

Source: XDA

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