Samsung PM1643 Is A 30 TB SSD Which Also Happens To Features 40 GB Of DRAM

With the file size of games increasing this generation of consoles even 2 TB of HDD space has somewhat become outdated for gamers and now Samsung has announced Samsung PM164, a 30TB SSD designed on the latest 512Gb V-NAND.

Samsung has quite an experience when it comes to high capacity SSDs and the company has done it again with its 30 TB SSD which is currently the world’s highest-capacity SSD.

Samsung was not only able to increase the SSD capacity to 30 TB but has also managed to increase the performance by combining 32 1TB NAND flash packages.

The Samsung PM1643 SSD is twice as fast as the 15.6TB SAS drive which rolled out back in 2016. This 30 TB SSD from Samsung has read and write speeds of up to 2,100MB/s and 1,700MB/s respectively.

Furthermore, this 30 TB SSD features TSV technology to connect 8Gb DDR4 chips which result in 10 packages of 4GB TSV DRAM. Meaning the PM1643 features 40GB of the DRAM, which makes it very-first SSD in the world to feature TSV applied DRAM.

While the SSD has been pushed to mass production by Samsung but no price has been revealed by the company nor the release window for the SSD has been revealed. However, given that 1 TB SSD is quite expensive we guess it will be over $2000.

However, this SSD will not be for gamers or general PC users but, is marketed towards the enterprises who have huge data banks or content creators who need to have their content stored in one place.

In related news, Samsung will also be producing Nvidia Pascal GPUs on its 14nm production technology. According to report, Samsung has won the contract to produce the Nvidia Pascal GPUs and the production will start before the end of the year.

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