Nomura Talks About Final Fantasy Versus 13 Mechanics

Many Final Fantasy fans likely know about Final Fantasy Versus 13, which was supposed to be an entry in the Fabula Nova Chrystalis series that starred everyone’s least favorite Final Fantasy protag, Lightning. Tetsuya Nomura recently went on-record to talk about some of the mechanics that might have been in that game.

Final Fantasy Versus 13 was eventually turned into Final Fantasy 15, which was part of the reason behind the enormous delay for the game. However, now that Final Fantasy 15 is out, Nomura can talk about everything that was supposed to be in Versus.

According to him, dreams and time travel were both going to be part of the game, and would have been in pivotal roles. These were relegated to secondary mechanics in Final Fantasy 15, as players could jump back and forth in time whether through the story or using Noctis’s dog Umbra, along with Noctis learning plot exposition through dreams and visions.

These would originally be used by Noctis not accepting what was happening over the course of the story, and leaping back in time to change things. This was eventually dropped because Nomura felt that it might over-complicate the narrative.

Dreams would have had a more somber aspect, as Noctis would be meeting dead characters like Lunafreya or his father, rather than experiencing visions like in the Omen trailer.

There were a great many things that had to be cut, redone, or fused together throughout the game’s development, so it’s no real surprise that many people think 15’s story is bad and that it had to get the rest of the story out through various story DLC packs that focused on each of Noctis’s friends.

Despite all of the various changes to mechanics, however, the general makeup of Final Fantasy Versus 13 remained similar to how Final Fantasy 15 turned out in the area of both friendship and a formative journey that changes the characters as they go.