Idle Zoo Tycoon Guide – Rare Animals, Upgrades, What To Buy, Increasing Profits

Idle Zoo Tycoon is a great game if you are a fan of idle games. It comes as a complete package of good artwork, relaxing soundtrack and a steep learning curve. Currently, it is only available on Android devices. It is surely one of the greatest Zoo building games out there right now.

To make the game easier to play for you, we have curated this Idle Zoo Tycoon Guide, which includes some tips and tricks so that you can learn the game mechanics easily. With the help of these tips and tricks, you will be able to create the best zoo possible and maximize your profits in no time.

Idle Zoo Tycoon Guide

These Idle Zoo Tycoon Tips and Tricks will help you understand all major mechanics of the game. Become the ultimate Zoo Tycoon with these Idle Zoo Tycoon Tips and Tricks.

Upgrading Statues

Statues are vital for your zoo. They increase the mating rate stat of your zoo. You get gifts every time you watch ads. These are pieces which, when collected enough, build a statue. Once a statue is complete, you can put it in your zoo for a permanent increase of the mating rate.

These statues can also be upgraded for increased bonus. Each biome can have one statue and affects the mating rate of that specific biome. When you upgrade a statue, the biome it is built for, gains an added mating rate boost.

For the best results, we recommend that you upgrade these statues in a descending order. This will help maximizing your profits.

Opting Rare Animals

The rarest animals are very expensive and can only be adopted once you sell your zoo. For this to work, you must first build your zoo to a value of 100 million. Once you reach tis value, you must sell it for a special type of currency.

This special currency is then used to purchase rare animals. You will have to start your zoo again from scratch but this time, you will have these super rare animals in it. They come with added bonuses such as increasing mating speed, birth rate or decreasing the death rate.

These bonuses help in the long run but overall they are not too much helpful. In addition, these animals are not cheap so you must wait as much as you can even crossing the 100 million mark so that you get as much money as possible by selling your zoo.

These animals also come in three categories Rare, Epic or Legendary. Rarer the category, more the price. Also greater the bonus it comes with. Buying these animals for your second zoo is highly recommended for these bonuses. They will also help you in the start.

Upgrading Animals

There are four upgrades that you need to purchase to make sure that the animals in your zoo are well looked after. These include birth rate, death rate, animal price and enclosure. Upgrading birth rate increases the birth rate and animals will multiply quickly.

Upgrading the death rate ensures that the animal death rate is lower and they live much longer before dying. Upgrading Animal Prices will increase the profits when you sell animals while the last one Enclosure focuses on making the enclosures better for the animals.

At the start, your focus must be to upgrade birth rate and death rate as much as possible. Keep upgrading both of them to at least Level 10 before moving on to other two options. After these two options, focus on enclosure and in the end go for animal prices.

Also, make sure you start with your initial animals and then move to other animals bought after them. This creates an easy to maintain upgrades cycle as you can easily keep track of all upgrades and make sure that all animals are being upgraded properly.

Animal Buying Tips

Considering the fact that this is actually a Zoo game and for that, you must buy as many animals as possible; the reality is actually different. Buying new animals is not cheap. For starters, you need to focus on retaining as many same specie animals as possible.

Keep that mating rate high, buy the basic required animals and continue to multiply them as much as you can. This will greatly save your money for other important aspects such as buying different upgrades for your zoo.

More number of animals will give you more returns. Also before moving on to more expensive animals, you must buy some upgrades such as lower death rate and increase birth rate. This will ensure that your new and hard-earned animals survive for longer time to multiply.

Your death rate must be lower than your birth rate all the times. This will make sure that your zoo keeps having babies and increasing the number of animals without the need of spending a dime on new animals.

Maximizing Profits

You can maximize your profits by increasing the amount of money that you get in return by purchasing the upgrades. You can see exactly how much each upgrade will affect your idle income generation. This helps greatly and allows you to check which upgrades you should go for first and which can be delayed.

By general equation, any upgrade that will cost you more money is going to give you greater reward in return. As you progress and buy some high priced upgrades, you will see that buying some of the cheaper upgrades will be of no use.

Buy upgrades that will give you the most return and you will have a steady idle income waiting for you every time you come back online.

This concludes our Idle Zoo Tycoon Guide. If you want to add anything to this guide, feel free to use the comments section below!

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