Hero Hunters Guide – PVP Tips, Best Heroes, Leveling Up, Gauntlet Mode (Beginners Tips And Tricks)

Hero Hunters is a new action packed RPG shooting games now available for Android and iOS devices. It features many unique heroes and you can create your own team of different heroes and indulge in online PVP and AI battles.

Here we have a Hero Hunters Guide for you, which has detailed strategies and tips for you about different game elements and mechanics. With these tips and tricks, you will easily dominate the PVP as well as the various offline game modes that Hero Hunters offer.

Hero Hunters Guide

Below you will find some of the best Hero Hunters Tips and Tricks relating to playing the game, general gameplay and other mechanics of the game, Hero Hunters.

Choosing the Right Hero

Each hero in Hero Hunters is unique. You must find the right balance of heroes for your team. Not every hero will work for you. For this, you must try to explore as many heroes as possible and choose the ones that suit you the most.

Using the heroes that suit your game style will ensure that you know everything about them. Avoid switching heroes again and again, as this will keep you in the learning phase all the time. Pick a few heroes and focus on building them. This will create a consistent team and will have greater chances of winning battles.

Earning Gold

You can earn gold by different means. The most obvious means is by grinding different game modes that are currently in the game. These include single player campaigns, daily quests and achievements.

You can watch ads as well for some quick gold. Daily challenges and achievements keep changing everyday so it is must that you try to complete as many as possible daily. The more you grind these modes, more gold you will earn.

This gold is essential because you will require it to buy hero crates, which give you fragments to buy more heroes. No gold means no new heroes so get grinding to get that gold.

Earning Fragments

To unlock new heroes, you require hero fragments. There are different means by which you can earn more fragments. The most basic mean is by Gold or Hero chests. Every time you open a chest, there is a chance of winning hero fragments.

Another easy way to earn fragments is by completing single missions. Some hero fragments will be dropped after certain missions while if you play in hard mode, you get even more fragments. You can repeat old missions as many times as you want to earn more fragments.

Every time you play a mission, some stamina and a token will be used, 2 for some. As long as you have tokens and stamina, you can continue to grind these missions for hero fragments.

Levelling Up Your Power Team

Winning is not as simple as simply earning more heroes for your team. You need equipment for all your heroes and once you equip all the items for them, you can promote your heroes. Equipping better equipment increases hero stats making them more powerful.

When you equip items in all available slots, you can promote these heroes, which not only make them more powerful but also unlock certain new skills for the hero. If you are feeling lazy, you can use the auto-equip option as well.

Each time you are promoted to a higher level, you unlock more and better skills that help you win battles. Your aim should be to level up your hero as quickly as possible so that you can earn more and more skills for the hero. Keep in mind that these skills are unique to each hero.

You also have the option of using different XP boosts and skill points to quickly level up your team. However, you need to keep this thing in mind that your hero level cannot surpass the team level. So to level up your heroes further, you must make sure that the team overall is leveling up as well.

We recommend that you play single player campaign. It not only gives you gear, rewards and hero fragments but it also levels up your team. Playing this mode in Hard unlocks even more gear, skills and better rewards.

The game will also reward you with chests every day. These chests give you different sorts of reward which include gold, hero fragments. Depending on the level of rarity, crates have different times. Gold chests come rarely during a day while you get a silver chest after every ten minutes. Keep checking back for these chests.

PVP Tips

PVP is how Hero Hunters is meant to be played. This is the real battle mode of the game where you take on players from around the globe in real-time battles. Before you start PVP, we will recommend that you get to know the basics of the game.

Learn all there is about gameplay, using special abilities and how you can get the edge over the competition. The campaign will help you learn all basic gameplay mechanics of Hero Hunters. Once you have completed the campaign, or think you are ready for the real battle, start playing PVP mode.

For playing PVP, you need to keep a few things in mind. One thing to remember is that you need to have very high amount of damage stat. Higher your damage stat is, more damage you will deal to your enemies. Lucky for you, every hero comes with an elemental weakness.

To deal maximum damage, you need to exploit this elemental weakness. To see if you are exploiting the elemental weakness, look for the icon next to the health bars of your enemies. If it is a green arrow pointing up, you are dealing extra damage to them.

If this arrow is red and pointing down, you are dealing less damage as the opponent is strong against that specific element. Change your heroes on the go to take most advantage of this feature.

Another aspect you need to keep in mind while playing PVP is that PVP is better with efficient team management. You will required to continuously switching between different heroes based on the situations ahead. A melee fighter will not do much against ranged ones while a hero holding a shotgun cannot take out a sniper sitting in a distance.

It is vital that you compose a team of heroes that can handle different situations on the changing battle and you must be capable of switching between them efficiently to make the most out of each hero’s skills and abilities.

You should always aim for the weakest hero in the enemy team. If you have a ranged hero, try to aim for melee heroes as much as possible as you will be able to take out them easily from a distant. Each hero has unique health bars. Some feature more health while others have smaller health bars.

Target the heroes with the smallest health bars first to make short work of them. Even if you come across one with a large health bar, surrounding him with your team and confusing him to attack which hero will help you take it down much easily.

Even if one hero of the opponent team is down, it can change the tide of the battle in your favor or vice versa. Make sure that you are not neglecting any hero all the time as the enemies might exploit it against your favor.

Each hero comes with a special ability that will greatly help you in battles. Use these abilities at a point where you are certain that they will be most useful. Some heroes such as snipers come as a healing ability, which can greatly benefit your whole team in battles.

Keep an eye on the status of your team at all times and use your hero’s abilities at the right time to be at helpful as possible.

Gauntlet Mode

If you want to win some major prizes, Gauntlet is your place to be. It is in no way an easy mode to play but it is the best example of high risk and high reward. Gauntlet mode is a tiered battle mode in which at the end of every battle you win rewards.

This is not a PVP mode but you take on progressively difficult AI, which come in waves. After every four or five waves, you are presented with rewards in the form of chests. Your progress is saved in Gauntlet.

If you want to start fresh, you can reset the Gauntlet mode. This will refresh the progress and shuffle the prizes up for offer. This comes in handy when you progress too far and things start to get too difficult for you.

If you want to win some major prizes, you will have to grind the Gauntlet mode as much as possible. More you play this mode, more familiar with how things work and it becomes easier for you to clear waves after waves of AI enemies.

In-Game Stores

Hero Hunters features two in-game stores that sell you many unique and helpful items. These stores are Gauntlet and PVP Stores. Both these stores use a different currency so if you want to buy from a specific store, you must have that store’s currency.

Earning these currencies is as simple as grinding. The more you play the game; more you will earn these currencies. Playing PVP will earn you currency for the PVP store while playing the Gauntlet mode will earn you currency for the Gauntlet store.

These stores change regularly while you also have the option to make them change stock at your will. Sometimes you might even find hero fragments here in the stores so it is worth checking them out regularly.

This concludes our Hero Hunters Guide. If you want to add anything to this guide, feel free to use the comments section below!

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