Gran Turismo Sport May Have 1991 Acura NSX, Glitch Reveals

The highly played racing video game developed by Polyphony Digital, Gran Turismo Sport is known for its preference for modern racing cars. Although the developers have added some classics in past, like the MKIC Supra that came in the last month’s patch update, a recent glitch reveals that 1991 Acura NSX is coming in the future Gran Turismo Sport Updates.

For those who have a knack for classics, this may be a good news. Recently a glitch was encountered by a player who posted a screenshot of a full grid on Reddit.

The redditor goes by the name Sh1ckDits, who stumbled upon this glitch in a Spot Mode match that revealed a grid full of Acura NSX ’91 models driven by unknown Canadian drivers. The entries on the grid point out that it’s a generic placeholder that the player shouldn’t have stumbled upon.

Since the Acura NSX has its first letter A so it seems probable that the first vehicle sorted in the GT Spot car list will be Acura. Anyways with this shared image, we have a lot of expectations set on the exciting machines that are to come.

The Acura NSX ’91 was previously seen in Gran Turismo 6 but whats exciting is that fact that we have not seen this car in the PlayStation 4 era. Seeing it in the PlayStation 4 glory era would be a spectacle for the eyes. There will also be many other cars as well that will be joining the NSX in the coming updates.

According to “” website the CEO Kazunori Yamauchi suggested that there shall be at least 50 cars in the upcoming Gran Turismo Sport Updates. This is not the first time the fans are going crazy or speculating about the upcoming cars of this game.

A few weeks back before the recent game update came out, producer Yamauchi made a poking Tweet and fans went on predicting which car would be coming. They even predicted 10 cars that they thought to be included. Well some of them did show up in the update as well.

So as soon as we get any new update on the upcoming cars we will let you guys know. Meanwhile, what do you think about the all classic Acura NSX ’91 coming in the future update of the game?
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