Biomutant Abilities And Upgrades Detailed In New Interview

Yesterday, Experiment 101 put out a new trailer for their upcoming game Biomutant. Now, Stefan Ljungqvist, the studio’s head, has gone on the record to talk about Biomutant abilities, upgrades, and tools that players will be using throughout their adventure in the game’s rather outlandish-looking world in order to battle enemies and obstacles.

Biomutant focuses around you taking on the role of a small raccoon creature that’s on a journey to rescue a giant tree that serves as the setting’s lifeblood. The tree is currently under attack by five different bosses, and the player must travel to each and kill them before the tree dies.

Along the way, players will gain things like a crossbow whose arrows you can grab and be pulled along by, a jetpack, a glide suit, a power fist, and more. Players will also get vehicles, like a gigantic mech that allows players to survive in the airless wasteland known as the Dead Zone.

However, cool vehicles and gadgets aren’t the only things that you’ll be using to make your way across the world. There are also various Biomutant abilities that you’ll gain access to, such as telekinesis, levitation, and even the ability to form a shield that will help to deflect bullets.

That’s likely not all that you’ll have access to throughout the game, but it’s all that we know about so far. With all of the different weapon combinations we can have through the game’s customization system, plus all of the tools and abilities we’ll have at our disposal, Biomutant is shaping up to be a lot of good fun.

This is going to be one of THQ Nordic’s first games since acquiring the brand, and it along with Darksiders 3 will hopefully restore faith in the THQ brand so that Nordic can continue putting out imaginative games like Biomutant. To see some of the Biomutant abilities and vehicles, take a look at the trailer above.