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Best 4K TVs For 4K Gaming – High-End, Budget 4K Panels, Everything To Suit Your Needs

I remember a time when 4K gaming was once the future. Well, the future is here. Whereas once, 4K gaming seemed too big of an imposition on the modern graphic chips and too expensive for all but the truly blessed, they are now quite commonplace and cheap enough for a fair percentage of gamers to buy.

Today, we will take a look at some of the Best 4K TVs that you can buy. Not only will we take a look at some of the TVs which have the best specifications, we will also look at some other alternatives such as the TVs which would be good for people on a tight budget or people low on space.

Best 4K TVs You Should Consider Investing In

Here are some of the TVs which are good for 4K gaming. Many of these are specifically built with gaming in mind and have a fair number of features which will be perfect for your gaming experience.

Samsung QN55Q7F

This 55-inch beast has a ton of features which will be perfect for gaming. The new QLED technology allows you to have a level of HDR which is unprecedented in past technologies.

Samsung QN55Q7F

The color tones and brightness are on point no matter what you are doing. From watching movies to playing Final Fantasy; this TV is great.

Sony X900E

This TV is available in a range of 49-75 inches. It has a lot of different variants which can cater to specific niche interests. For example, 930E or 940E have much better brightness and much lower input lag.

Sony X900E

The thing is that no matter what you like to do, you will find a variant of the X900 series that satisfies your cravings. The price is very manageable as well. However, the sound quality is not that amazing and there is a chance that people picky about the sound will be left wanting more.

Sony X800E

This is a TV for those who want 4K gaming on a setup which does not make them sell a kidney. Not only is the TV very well priced but it also has picture quality which makes it well worth the price and the input lag is practically the same as those found in luxury TVs.

Sony X800E

It also has actual HDR, and even though that is found in many cheaper price sets, you do not want that as it is of subpar quality and does not really make the image stand out the way HDR should.

Vizio P Series 2017

This is an option for those who want something which is right from the middle. Those who cannot afford the luxury of the high-end Samsung but do not want to settle for the negatives that come along with the budget versions. The input lag is only 16-ms and is available in 3 versions between 55 and 75 inches.

Vizio P Series 2017

The picture quality is amazing and the only place where it suffers is in a dark room, and even then the loss in quality is not that significantly noticeable.


It would be wrong of us to not mention the brand which bought forth the FLATRON. The amazing colors bought forth by the OLED screen are amazing for gaming as they can make games with a dark color scheme seem much more interesting than they would otherwise.


Night missions in FPS games and night races in simulators seem more realistic than ever before with the OLED technology. It also has the Dolby Atmos sound format which makes it perfect for being paired up with Xbox line of consoles. The main negative of this TV is the fact that it is unable to get to a level of brightness that may be expected from a TV in its price range.

These are some of the Best 4K TVs For 4K gaming. If you have another TV which seems more interesting than the ones on the list then let us know using the comments section below!