ASUS Windows Mixed Headset Pre-Order Goes Live With A $429 Price Tag

Back in 2016, Microsoft announced that it will be introducing Windows Mixed Reality to its consumers which will also support Steam content and ASUS Windows Mixed Headset is now available for pre-order.

ASUS announced that it would be bringing its Windows Mixed Headset in early 2018 and seems like the company has fulfilled its promise, however, the company has not revealed why its Windows Mixed Reality headset is four months late as it has the same specs as the launch day headsets.

ASUS Windows Mixed Headset is available for $429 which is way above compared to Microsoft’s announced $299 price tag. While the developer edition starts at $299 but the consumer edition starts at $399 probably due to the inclusion of motion controls.

Windows Mixed Reality offers both VR and AR experiences and is powered by Windows 10 and the Universal Windows Platform (UWP). The system is quite flexible as it can scale to a variety of hardware.

Also, to be able to play games using the ASUS Windows Mixed Headset will require you to have a hefty system and back when it was rolled out in 2017 the rock bottom system required for the headset started at $499 making the buy-in start from $900. However, with the increase in GPU prices, the buy-in has likely increased.

Speaking of the VR, according to Harold Vancol, the Creative Director at Grab Games, PlayStation 5 and PSVR should be considered as one. According to Vancol, PS5 and PSVR shouldn’t just be bundled together but should be considered as one and both pieces of hardware should be essential with one another.

Buying a new console is a big undertaking for a lot of people, and buying the headset that I think people want to see in the future of PlayStation can almost be like buying a new console. So having these purchases separated gives each thing its own time to shine. However, PlayStation 5 and PSVR should be considered essential together.

Do you think Windows Mixed Reality will be able to capture the success of PSVR? Let us know in the comments.