AMD Ryzen 2400G Powered Xbox 360 Delivers Impressive Performance (Video)

AMD Ryzen 2400G is a Raven Ridge APU that just came out and it has been getting a lot of attention due to the performance that it is able to provide at the $169 mark. The AMD Ryzen 2400G is great value for money and you can use the chip on its own without a graphics card to some degree. Here we have a PC build in an Xbox 360 chassis and while some modification had to be made it is indeed the same form factor but you are getting better performance.

The AMD Ryzen 2400G is fairly new and the Xbox 360 is ancient so no comparison should be made there when it comes to the performance of the system. The AMD Ryzen 2400G APU was able to deliver 30 FPS at 1080p at medium settings when running Wolfenstein The New Colossus. That is what you get on the Xbox One or the One S. This is very impressive indeed.

The Xbox 360 does come with the brick so that helps in saving room inside the system and while the thermals were not optimal a few tweaks here and there could make a lot of difference. Delidding is also an option that you can opt for if you know what you are doing. With delidding kits, even rookies can get the job done. you can check out the AMD Ryzen 2400G in an Xbox 360 and how the PC was put together in the video below:

The AMD Ryzen 2400G is powerful enough to run PUBG which is a very demanding title and it was interesting to see that if you turn the settings down then the game runs at 60 FPS 1080. You can check out how well the APU runs PUBG in the video below:

While these chips have been released AMDis not done just yet. We have still plenty to see from team Red. We have seen leaks of the AMD Ryzen 2600 and it should perform better than 1600 that is already on the market. According to AMD CEO Lisa Su:

The Raven Ridge/Ryzen Mobile design was sort of like the first step, but we are nowhere near done with everything that can be done, so you are going to see that power profile get better and better as new systems come out. So yes, I am very optimistic about the whole, like I said, I am simply amazed with some of the things that you can do, or we can do with in partnership with the OEMs.

let us know what you think about the custom AMD 2400G gaming PC and whether or not this is something that you might be interested in getting for yourself.