Team Green Confirms Nvidia Ampere Gaming Graphics Cards Will Not Be Announced At GTC Or GDC 2018

Last year the Nvidia GTX 1080 Ti was announced at GDC and that got us hoping that Nvidia Turing and Nvidia Ampere would be announced at the event this year but it seems that will not be the case. According to new information from PCGamesN that has had a few words with Nvidia, the Nvidia Ampere gaming graphics cards will not be announced at GTC or GDC.

The conferences will be around AI, deep learning and self-driving cars, which most of you will not be interested in. We might get a hint of what Nvidia has had planned for the future but keeping in mind how AMD Vega is not much of a threat and how there will only be a Vega refresh this year, Nvidia has no reason to push out Nvidia Ampere based graphics cards anyways. So it does make sense that Nvidia would take its time and cash out on Pascal.

If you do not know what Nvidia Ampere and Turing are then let me tell you that Ampere graphics cards are for gaming while the upcoming Turing GPUs are for miners. You can check out more information regarding both of them here.

We have been expecting the GTX 1180 to be the highlight of the year for all things from Team Green but we are still waiting for information regarding the upcoming graphics architecture and what kind of performance boost it will have to offer as compared to Nvidia Pascal and current generation graphics cards.

While it has been confirmed that the new graphics cards will not be announced at the events this does not mean that we will not be getting any information regarding the upcoming GPUs. It would be unlike Nvidia not to tell us a little about what is coming next and this should create some hype and keep people hooked till there is something solid to actually test and compare to.

Seeing how the graphics cards are not going to be announced at GTC or GDC, Computex seems like the likely platform to make such an announcement but because there is no official release window for Nvidia Ampere, take this information with a grain of salt.

Let us know what you think about Nvidia not announced the Ampere graphics cards at GTC or GDC.

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