Metal Gear Survive Trophy List Unveiled 24 Hours Before Release

The Metal Gear Survive trophy list has been unveiled 24 hours before the game releases, and they don’t seem very hard to collect as you play the game, if you’re at least willing to give the game a try. The trophies were revealed at the PSNProfiles website, so you can head over there for details.

The Metal Gear Survive trophy list is mainly filled with a number of different generic-looking achievements, though there are still a few that deal with the game’s story, as much as there can be one in a game setup to play like a constant zombie defense game.

Various trophies include killing 300 enemies with each category of weapon, including one-handed, two-handed, and heavy weapons, along with things like bows, and something called “Inceptor” and “Defense” units.

Along with killing huge numbers of zombies, other trophies on the list include things like defending your base without losing any soldiers, reviving 30 allies during salvage missions, and recruiting a certain number of soldiers.

Probably the hardest thing to get on the Metal Gear Survive trophy list is likely the “Survivalist” trophy, where players must survive, without dying once, for 140 days and 15 hours. While you might not have anything to fear from regular zombies as long as you stay aware of your surroundings, there’s always the prospect of bigger, more dangerous zombies to fight.

Overall, whether or not Metal Gear Survive is something that you’ll actually want to play (especially considering how Konami treated Hideo Kojima and his studio), the Metal Gear Survive trophy list appears to be fairly detailed with a good bit of different stuff to do in it.

The game will be coming out tomorrow on the Playstation 4, Xbox One, and PC, so if you’re willing to at least give Metal Gear Survive a chance, you’ll be able to pick it up then. To see the full Metal Gear Survive trophy list, follow this link.