Metal Gear Survive S-Rank Guide – How To Achieve S-Grade, Daily Hard Missions

Metal Gear Survive S-Rank Guide will help you beat Daily Hard Missions with an ‘S’ Grade.

New to the Metal Gear Survive and looking for just the right and easy guide to master how the game works?! Or a veteran of the saga returning to the series after a while to brush up on your forgotten skills? We’ve got just the succinct and informative Metal Gear Survive Guide for you to conquer the game mechanics.

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Metal Gear Survive S-Rank Guide

For those unfamiliar, the newest installment of the series from Konami requires an always-working internet connection and with it comes a few challenges and rewards, namely the ‘Daily Hard Missions’.

Players recently have been facing difficulty overcoming them and receiving the ‘S’ Grade (highest achievable rank) on these missions, so we decided to aid our fellow gamers by discussing what we think could be the key to acing those objectives.

Before delving into the missions, you are advised to plan how you choose to go about them exactly. This will require a team of 4 experienced and knowledgeable players with full knowledge of the basic controls and using the gameplay to its maximum potential. For newcomers, going through the Easy and Normal difficulty modes is highly recommended. Okay, here we go!

There are three roles that a player can choose from. The job of the ‘Driller’, yeah you guessed it, is to keep spinning up the drill throughout the wave of enemies and he should only stop when the horde is fully dealt with.

During this process, the Driller can also use strategically placed weapons like MGs and other firearms to take a shot at the enemy but the job of drilling should still be the main priority.

The second role, ‘the Jungler’, has to carry out side-missions during the wave. During these side-missions, his goal should be to collect rainbow-colored blobs or crystals known as Iris energy which adds 5K to the total Iris mined since a minimum amount of 400K Iris is essential for an ‘S’ rank. These crystals can be found throughout the map.

The last two roles are to be taken up by the most experienced players, since the job of the ‘Defenders’ is to act as crowd control and fight with all their might, every weapon they can find, and use them to keep the enemy at bay.

To boost up chances of getting that prestigious rank, turrets and traps should be placed wherever required. Moreover, the Jungler should return and provide support for the Defenders in handling that horde of enemies for good. Get that ‘S’ rank, because we know you can!

This is pretty much all we have in our Metal Gear Survive S-Rank Guide. Have more Tips and Strategies to share with us? Let us know in the comments section below!

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