Metal Gear Survive Patch 1.02 Released, Unplayable Issue Resolved

Metal Gear Survive rolled out today and it was reported to be unplayable for  many who had an earlier copy of the game. It appears so that the game required a day one patch in order to be functional. Well, the patch 1.02 has been released and it claims to have worked the magic.

Despite the fact that the game had two different Beta tests the servers are not live and for those who bought a copy beforehand are not able to play it. Unless they add the patch 1.02 to the game.

There have been numerous posts regarding this issue by the players and it seems to be that the game is not playable especially in North America. The game already had its first patch 1.01 released and even then the game was reported to be unplayable. Although with this new patch the game is now playable.

Metal Gear Survive requires an online connection to work even if you are playing the game offline. The combined size of both of the patches is around 3.5 GB on PlayStation 4.

Just a few hours before the release of the game, trophy list was unveiled at the PSNProfiles website so do check them out if you are to play the game. The trophies don’t seem that hard to collect. The Trophy list is mainly filled up with a number of different generic-looking achievements. Although there are a few trophies that deal with the game’s story as well.

After the departure of the Metal Gear Series creator, Hideo Kojima, this here is the first Metal Gear game from Konami. Metal Gear Survive is a spin-off to the mainline Metal Gear Solid series. This game focuses on the survival and online co-op multiplayer aspects.

Metal Gear Survive is now available for the PS4, Xbox One, and PC. The game was developed and published by Konami.