Locating the Infinity Stones for Thanos in the MCU (and What They Do)

It has been nearly a decade since the Marvel Cinematic Universe (MCU) began running its course to assemble “Earth’s Mightiest Heroes” for the final battle against Thanos and preventing him from obtaining the Infinity Stones for his Infinity Gauntlet.

There are six Infinity Stones in total, also referred to as Soul Gems and Infinity Gems, that have been in existence since before the universe first began. They each boast great power for the wielder and when combined, come close to reaching divinity.

It is pretty self-explanatory as to why the Mad Titan, a galactic warlord, wants the Infinity Stones for himself. He wants to reshape and balance the universe to become his own dominion. Thanos will be setting foot on Earth for the first time in Avengers: Infinity War and as the setting dictates, will obtain at least some of the Infinity Stones.

Here are where the Infinity Stones were first introduced on the silver screen by Marvel Studios, where they are currently located, and what they are capable of doing.

Space Stone (Tesseract)

The Space Stone was first introduced in Captain America: The First Avenger (2011) in the form of the Tesseract, a crystalline cube-shaped containment vessel that possess unlimited energy and was being used by the Red Skull to power up super-weapons for Hydra.

The Tesseract was later obtained by S.H.I.E.L.D. for further study before it was stolen by Loki in The Avengers (2012) to open a portal that allowed the Chitauri to invade New York City. Thor took the artifact back to Asgard for safekeeping afterwards but Loki got the opportunity to steal the Tesseract again in Thor: Ragnarok (2017) during the destruction of Asgard.

Who has the Space Stone right now?
It is currently with Loki, who was last seen fleeing with Thor and the Asgardians on a spaceship before they were ambushed by Thanos.

What does the Space Stone do?
It can alter the laws of physics to move any person or object anywhere throughout reality, open dimensional gateways, and allow the wielder to exist in any location at any time.

Mind Stone (Chitauri Scepter)

The Mind Stone was first introduced in The Avengers (2012) in the form of the Chitauri Scepter, a staff weapon gifted by Thanos that was being used by Loki to brainwash people into doing his bidding for the invasion of New York City.

The Chitauri Scepter was later obtained by S.H.I.E.L.D. for further study before it was stolen by Hydra in Captain America: The Winter Soldier (2014) to harness its power. The artifact was then recovered by the Avengers in Avengers: Age of Ultron (2015) and used by Iron Man to complete Ultron. The sentient artificial intelligence creation ended up dismantling the Chitauri Scepter to release the Mind Stone from its containment vessel, which was then implanted in the android Vision to give him life.

Who has the Mind Stone right now?
It is currently embedded into the forehead of Vision, who was last seen trying to understand his newfound feelings for the Scarlet Witch on Earth.

What does the Mind Stone do?
It can enhance mental and psionic abilities, project and access thoughts, and allow the wielder to control the minds of other beings.

Reality Stone (Aether)

The Reality Stone was first introduced in Thor: The Dark World (2013) in the form of the Aether, a free flowing viscous liquid that posses an ancient catastrophic force and was being used by Malekith to return the universe to darkness for his dark elves.

Thor eventually managed to contain the dark matter in a stone at the end before bringing it back to Asgard for safekeeping. However, there were concerns about keeping two Infinity Stones within the same vault. Hence, the artifact was handed over to Taneleer Tivan, also known as The Collector, to be hidden in his intergalactic museum.

Who has the Reality Stone right now?
It is currently with The Collector at Knowhere, home of the mining colony of Exitar.

What does the Reality Stone do?
It can alter all known laws of reality to fulfill the desired wishes of the wielder, create alternate realities, and do all manner of things that cannot be even comprehended otherwise.

Power Stone (Orb)

The Power Stone was first introduced in Guardians of the Galaxy (2014) in the form of the Orb, a spherical containment vessel that possess immense destructional properties to wipe out entire worlds and was being used by Ronan to take over Xandar.

The team of superheroes, led by Star-Lord, eventually managed to foil those plans and encased the Power Stone in a new Orb before handing it over to the intergalactic military and police force Nova Corps for safekeeping.

Who has the Power Stone right now?
It is currently with the Nova Corps on Xandar, capital of the Nova Empire in the Andromeda Galaxy.

What does the Power Stone do?
It can enhance physical strength and durability, access and manipulate all forms of energy, and boost all manners of capabilities of the wielder.

Time Stone (Eye of Agamotto)

The Time Stone was first introduced in Doctor Strange (2016) in the form of the Eye of Agamotto, a mystical amulet that has been handed down to the Sorcerer Supremes over the centuries and was being used by Doctor Strange to save this world from annihilation.

The Time Stone was used to restore the Hong Kong Sanctum after it had been reduced to rubble by Kaecilius and his evil followers, and then again to trap Dormammu until he vowed to drop his plans to consume Earth and never return. The artifact was later returned to Kamar-Taj for safekeeping and so that Doctor Strange could further learn how to control its powers.

Who has the Time Stone right now?
It is currently inside the Kamar-Taj, home and training grounds to the Masters of the Mystic Arts in Nepal. However, it is pretty clear that it remains around the neck of Doctor Strange as he is the Sorcerer Supreme.

What does the Time Stone do?
It can allow the wielder to see into the past and future by rewinding or fast-forwarding events, manipulate the age of objects, and create time loops to trap living beings or entire universes.

Soul Stone (Unknown)

The Soul Stone has yet to be introduced in the MCU and there is no confirmation on what form it will be in or who currently has it.

The artifact was supposed to be revealed in Black Panther (2017) this month but it was not. However, there is strong speculation that the Soul Stone is somewhere inside Wakanda, perhaps inside the very meteor that is made of Vibranium.

Since there are no more pending releases, Avengers: Infinity War (2017) will be when the Soul Stone is finally introduced for the first time.

Who has the Soul Stone right now?

What does the Soul Stone do?
It can manipulate living and dead souls, control all life in the universe, and allows the wielder to access an idyllic pocket universe.