Intel 7nm Process Underway, $4-5 Billion Investment To Expand Production In Israel

Intel 7nm process has been delayed time and time again but we are getting word that the upcoming Intel 7nm process based Ice Lake CPUs will be coming out before the end of the year, even if they only available in limited quantities and it is expected that Intel is going to be investing $4 billion in Israel in order to meet that deadline.

Intel has a plant in Isreal and it seems that all this money is being invested in order to upgrade the facility. The following is what a senior government source had to say about all this:

“The general direction is significant investment by Intel in the Israeli economy, and there’s an outline plan for it,”

Intel upgrades it’s fabs every 3-5 years and it seems that Israel is going to be getting a lot of foreign investment from Intel. Isreal often competes with Ireland when it comes to doing business with Intel in exchange for investment.

“Senior Intel Israel managers met the finance minister on Wednesday and talked to him about the matter, and they are due to meet Minister of Economy and industry Eli Cohen this week.”

We have not got the official word from Intel yet but keeping in mind how this information has reached the general public it is only a matter of time. We will let you know the details when Intel releases a statement about all this. Stay tuned to SegmentNext to find out more information regarding the Intel 7nm process.

We have heard word about a 10nm Intel Ice Lake-U chip and you can check out more information regarding the upcoming chip here

Let us know what you think about all this money that Intel is investing in Israel and whether or not you think shifting to the 7nm process will be worth it after so many delays.