The Indonesian PlayStation Store is Selling Kingdom Come Deliverance for $0.05

Often there are bugs in the PlayStation Store that bring the prices down to an unbelievable level but this new bug is something else, really. Kingdom Come Deliverance, a newly released AAA game, is currently being sold for $0.05 in the PlayStation Store Indonesia.

The game is currently available at this price but it may soon be fixed. If you are not in that region you may not be able to buy this game even after creating a Region 3 account. Paying for the game and processing your transaction is going to be an issue. A Paypal account could work but we can not be sure of that right now.

If you are able to pick up the game from the PlayStation Store of this region do let share the process for our readers in the comments below. Keep in mind that even if you do manage to buy the game at this price, Sony may revoke your access.

In other news, Kingdom Come Deliverance developers shed some light on the vague update process of the game. Players have been confused over the patch numbers and how they are releasing on different platforms. The company explained that the numbering is up to the platform holder and there is a certification process that makes sure updates are stable.

This means that updates may release at different times on various platforms. Moreover, update 1.2.5 and 1.3 are releasing soon with major fixes and changes to the base game that will make your experience smoother. The game has seen a number of bugs affecting gameplay that are scheduled to be fixed.

Kingdom Come is now available on PlayStation 4, Xbox One, PC. You grab the title from Steam, Xbox Marketplace, and PlayStation.