Once Hyped Games That Are Now Forgotten – Freedom Fighters, PGR, Dino Crisis

Every day we see hundreds of new games coming out in the world. With more and more companies now taking a serious interest in the gaming industry, we now have hundreds of Indie developers as well as AAA companies working day and night to churn out video games.

Hyped Games That Are Forgotten Now

With this onslaught of new game franchises and IPs, we have lost a lot of gaming gems along the way, fallen prey to greed or poor developer decisions. Here we have compiled a list of Hyped Games that we think were great in their time and they deserve a chance to come back today!

Splinter Cell

Splinter Cell first came out in 2003 and since that, six titles have been launched under this stealth and action franchise. It was a great stealth game of its time and totally paved the way for the stealth genre.

Splinter Cell was a great franchise that has been quiet for over five years now and we have not even heard a single word about a potential new game. The last Splinter Cell game came out in 2013 and the franchise has been quiet ever since.

We would love to see a new Splinter Cell game in the near future, as this is one of the franchises that definitely requires a comeback.


Oni was a third person action game developed by Bungie and Rockstar Games. Very few people know about this gem of the game, which came out in 2001 for PC, PS2, and Mac systems. For its time, this game was way ahead of its time as it featured melee combat action as well as gun combat.

There was a variety of weapons to choose from as well as different unique items such as cloaking devices. At the time, it was overshadowed by other prominent games, later Bungie took Halo as its main franchise, and Oni was forgotten.

It was a great game and if anyone of you wants to try it today, it stills holds great gameplay value. We would love to see a modern recreation of Oni.

Felony 11-79/Runabout

Felony 11-79 or Runabout was an action game based on driving different vehicles and completing missions while in them. It featured a great variety of missions, had decent graphics and a great gameplay.

It first came out in 2000 and it has seen many sequel titles. It entertained players on Playstation, Playstation 2 and most recently on 3DS. However, it was also overshadowed by other games such as Driver and Grand Theft Auto.

Felony 11-79 or Runabout was a great game offering tons of content at its time and we would love to see it return with a modern overhaul.

Freedom Fighters

Freedom Fighters came in 2003 and was published by Electronic Arts. It was a stellar third-person shooter experience and offered a very good gameplay with decent graphics. It introduced the unique mechanic of charisma points which you earned by killing enemies.

It allowed open-world freedom approach to completing missions in New York City as you fought off the occupying Soviets to take your country back. This is also one of the games that have been long forgotten without any sequel made by EA.

Interstate 76

Interstate 76 was a mad-max style vehicular combat game back in 1997. It was a great game and it was nominated for different awards. It featured open arenas and a multitude of weapons to choose from.

It also featured a story-driven campaign with a lot of action and different gameplay modes. This series was a great addition to vehicular combat racing titles and it paved the way for more great games such as the Vigilante 8.

However, these titles are no longer remembered and nearly everyone has forgotten about them. We would love to see a modern recreation of this genre as the Mad Max game that came out in 2016 was very promising.

Dino Crisis

The first Dino Crisis came out in 1999. Dino Crisis was just like if early Resident Evils had dinosaurs. It featured the same gameplay and amazing jungle environments with lots of dinos in them. It featured an inventory system much similar to Resident Evil and was mostly based on it.

However, it was a great Dino game and we miss it. The last game of the franchise Dino Crisis 3 was a disaster and probably the reason why Capcom decided to axe the series. However, it was a great game and we think that it is one of those games they need a new title or a remastered version. Especially the second title in the franchise.

Project Gotham Racing

Project Gotham Racing (PGR) was a solid racing title for the Xbox. The first title came out in 2000 on the original Xbox and it was a huge success. It received four titles until Xbox 360 with PGR4 being the last and the best one.

PGR series was known to be loyal to Ferrari as each title featured a Ferrari on the cover and the mobile game in 2009 being a Ferrari Edition. Bizarre Creations officially announced the end of PGR after PGR4 when it was bought by Activision.

PGR was a great racing title and in our opinion, it was as good as the Forza franchise on Xbox. It is a shame that it was shut down, as it was one of the best arcade racers on Xbox. If you own an Xbox 360, you can still try the PGR4 which still holds up pretty well even in today’s graphical standards.

Warhammer 40,000: Space Marine

Relic Entertainment took a huge turn from strategy games and released Warhammer 40,000: Space Marine in 2011. It was a great third-person shooter game and it had pretty decent reception when it came out.

It had great gameplay with amazing environments. It featured both melee and ranged combat and you even had two AI characters with you in most of the mission helping you out in different scenarios.

Sadly, Space marine never got a sequel or a second game in its path. Relic Entertainment is now back to its roots making great Strategy games again making Space Marine disappear in the plethora of games coming every day.

Bloody Roar

If there is a fighting game that we miss from our childhood, it is Bloody Roar. Bloody Roar was an amazing fighting game, which came on first in 1997 on Playstation 1. Different companies have published it at different times such as Activision and Konami.

The main distinguishing feature of Bloody Roar was the unique Beast mode of every fighter, which turned into a big beast complete with powerful and unique attacks. This couple with breakable environments made this one solid choice for fighting games in its time.

The last game Bloody Roar 4 came out in 2004 and that was it. Activision currently holds the rights to this franchise but there have been no words if they plan to make another one in the franchise. We would love to see Bloody Roar 5 happening anytime.


Another great gaming franchise fallen into the wrong hands. Burnout was our racing game of childhood. The first title came out on Playstation 2, Xbox and GameCube in 2001. It was an instant hit and the formula it used for racing combining great open roads with crashes made it an instant hit with people around the world.

The franchise received many great sequels with more features, better gameplay, awesome soundtrack and beautiful graphics. However, it was when EA purchased the franchised and totally ruined the game. The last game to come out of the series was Burnout Paradise. It was a great game but it hurt EA’s long-running Need for Speed franchise badly.

It was because of this we have not heard anything about a new Burnout game for ages while EA continues to make sub-par Need for Speed games. We would love to see this series return with as it totally deserves it. If any racing game deserves a spot in our hearts, it is the Burnout franchise.

This concludes our ‘Best Hyped Games That Are Forgotten’ Now list. Did we miss your favorite game? Do tell us in the comments below!