Is This The Year of Battlefield: Bad Company 3?

Battlefield has perhaps become the main FPS that gamers look forward to each year over Call of Duty. At least on the PC, that seems to be the case due to the fact that the Battlefield games seem much more polished and optimized than Call of Duty.

The rumors about the next Battlefield game seem to never really go away, as people continuously speculate on which war will the next game focus on. After the success of Battlefield 1, the two main contenders for the next Battlefield game seem either a WWII-based shooter or a new Bad Company game.

Battlefield: Bad Company 2

Today we will discuss why we think that a Bad Company game would be much better than a game based around WWII, and we also take a look at the rumors that have been coming up time after time.

Why Battlefield: Bad Company 3 Is The Right Call!

Bad Company has always been a mixed bag. On one hand, it is a game that focuses on singleplayer a lot more than the other iterations of the series do.

Even though all of the newer games in the series seem to have a singleplayer component, Bad Company was always different. Bad Company made you focus on your comrades, and the humor aspect made the campaign feel more personal than the other stories did.

With the newer technology that is available and the experience that the dev team has now; it seems as if the next Bad Company could be the game that fixes all of the issues that plagued the previous game.

Battlefield: Bad Company 2

If DICE manages to come up with a narrative that is gripping enough and characters who are relatable enough, it seems as if the Battlefield: Bad Company 3 could be the game which topples over Call of Duty and makes Battlefield the undisputed king of FPS.

What the developers need to be sure of, however, is that the game does not let go of the multiplayer component. The multiplayer of Bad Company series has never really been particularly amazing, especially when compared to the classics like Battlefield 3. Multiplayer has always been the flagship component of all Battlefield games from the start. Battlefield 2 did not even have any single player component apart from the Conquest vs bots.

An exciting new approach for Battlefield: Bad Company 3 to take would be to be far more squad-based than other games. Battlefield has always been about massive teams taking on one another in massive open maps.

If they could somehow keep that dynamic in while focusing more on a small squad, then they could carry over the rich single player experience of the games to the multiplayer arena.

Humor has always been an integral part of the Bad Company franchise. While the first game did not really nail down the dialogue and seemed to force it down the player’s throat, the second one was much better and managed to make a player laugh through the campaign.

There were a lot of complaints which suggested that the humor took away from the intensity of the campaign but for me, it added a depth of realism as the soldiers tried to deal with the wreckage encompassing their existence by making light of their dire situation.

Rumors And Leaks

Many fans of the series will already know of AlmightyDaq. He is quite well known for having insider information regarding the Battlefield series. He also was the one who had nailed down some of the information regarding Battlefield 1 long before the information was made publicly available.

However, once he made his insider information public that the next game in the franchise would be Battlefield: Bad Company 3, there was a lot of reputable sources which refuted him.

The only notable figure in the industry who seemed to support him was the Battalion 1944 developer Joe Brammer who said that not only did he know about Battlefield: Bad Company 3 but he also knew about the next Call of Duty which he suggested would move away from the World War 2 theme.

Many sources which are close to DICE and EA have then informed that even though the idea of Bad Company was discussed, it is not the actual direction that the franchise will be moving in for now.

From what they have been told so far, the next Battlefield game will be released towards the end of 2018 and it will primarily focus on WWII. This idea does seem far more realistic as Battlefield 1 was a massive hit and the WWII would serve as a natural progression for the series.

AlmightyDaq has also backtracked on his claims since the new information came to light. As it turns out, there is a Battlefield: Bad Company 3 game scheduled sometime in the future but not in 2018. The next Battlefield game that comes out will almost certainly be focusing on WWII, with perhaps the 2019 release being the long-awaited Battlefield: Bad Company 3.

This would also make sense from a timeline perspective. Since Battlefield 1 focused on the WW, the second game could focus on the second World War with the 2019 release focusing on the Vietnam War, an idea that EA toyed with in the expansion pack for Bad Company 2 but never released a single dedicated game for.

Whatever happens, one thing is for certain! Bad Company is too big of a franchise for EA to forgo completely.

Even though it is almost certain that we are not getting a third iteration of the series this year, next year seems like the perfect time for EA to try and do something completely new with the Bad Company series. As a huge fan of Rising Storm 2, a trip to Vietnam would be perfect for me.

What is your take on this? Be sure to let us know in the comments section below!