What Destiny 2 Can Learn from Warframe

Bungie released Destiny back in 2014 that quickly became one of most played games of the year. The game saw players invest hundreds of hours into the game to uncover every possible secret that it had to offer. A few years later down the road, Bungie launched Destiny 2 and it felt like all those hours put in the 1st game did not matter at all.

Warframe was not really a success story from the start. Only a few players played the game when it first released back in 2013. However, with the constant updates and improvements, the game grew steady and became one of the most played games out there.

What Destiny 2 Can Learn From Warframe

Bungie has not really been on top of their game when it comes to Destiny 2 – with lack of endgame content, microtransactions, lootboxes, etc. Obviously, Bungie had to face community backlash across the social media:

You ruined this game catering to casuals and PVP players but the PVP is the worst of the 2. Everything feels weak Supers do not recharge as fast, guns are not as good, and Exotics are terrible.

This all because PVP players were complaining about it and you made all these changes and not even the PVP players like it. As much as I think Warframe is boring now because I played so much of it (2 years plus before I got bored one month into Destiny and I already have nothing to do).

Warframe did it right you can always use your Abilities and guns feel strong and unique and guess what everyone loves it and recommends it over Destiny. I’m just saying you don’t need to make PVE trash to appease PVP players you could have made an amazing PVE game with powerful Exotics, great loot, and awesome gear and people would have loved it 700 percent more.

Instead, you chose to appeal to the PVP players and now 97 percent of post is about how people think the game is trash.

Destiny’s forums are full of these kinds of posts and players’ anger is evident. It has been on the historic low count and Twitch viewership has also been at lowest.

Bungie was never keeping an eye on the community feedback (until recently) and did not try to fix the wrongs in the game. However, they seemed to be more concerned about the Eververse Marketplace (which was not that great, to begin with) and monetizing. Things got worse when Bungie insisted on fixing the Eververse instead of focusing on endgame content and tied the level cap of Prestige Activities behind Curse of Osiris expansion.

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The signs that Bungie was paying any attention to the community feedback were just not there. This was not only the case with PVE but also PVP:

I am usually a PVP player, any game I like the challenge of it but in Destiny 2, I think they only wasted time and money.

2 things that should have gone into PVE instead – the PVP aspect in D2 is terrible without an end in sight, I do not even know where I could start to explain why that is because there are soo many bad things in PVP of Destiny 2…. it is like hopeless to even talk about it. Can’t even use the word ‘Balance’ for PVP because it is not bad, it is not good, it does not even exist.

There’s like one map, that puts one team into the loser team right before the game even started by offering them 2 Y suicide Jump Pads and a suicide chokepoint bridge – while the enemy gets sick sniper locations and an easy hunting time +2-3 Power Pickup spawns… PVP is a joke in D2.

Unlike Bungie with Destiny 2, players are praising Digital Extremes. Warframe is completely free-to-play from the start to the end. There are microtransactions in the game but those microtransactions give you the complete information of what you are buying, unlike loot boxes.

Platinum is the game’s currency that you can collect by just playing the game. With this currency, you can buy additional Warframe Slots, Weapon Slots, and other cosmetics. In-Game Trading of some materials and Warframe Sets can be traded for Platinum so by not spending a single penny, you can earn revenue.


Few of the items can be purchased using real money. However, they are only cosmetics and you will know exactly what you are paying for. Players have said great things about Warframe Compared to Destiny 2:

So, I picked up Destiny 2 and took some time to play it. Beat the campaign, have pretty much done all the available content… and Warframe is empirically a better game.

Let me be clear! Destiny 2 is not a bad game overall. Fun mechanics, beautiful atmosphere… But I will clarify that I HATE the way the game is designed. Warframe is a grind game; there is no way to really deny it. Frankly, I have fun grinding in it. Destiny 2 is also a grind game. I hate its guts. Where is the difference?!

Warframe is a grind game with a GUARANTEED END TO THE GRIND. You grind this much, you get this much pay off. Need that new weapon from a syndicate?!

Earn the rep and you get it. You know how Destiny 2 works? Here, do these tasks for us and MAYBE you will get what you are looking to get. But 100 turn ins later, and no payoff! I have wasted hours in Destiny 2 and not gotten the one chest I am looking for. So, thanks, DE. You made a good grind. Keep it up!

Digital Extremes, in the past also came with an online stream where they took questions from the players. It was a great move by which players were informed that their feedback is taken into consideration. They also put the ball in the players’ court by asking them what they want from Warframe?!

Did you get a chance to try out both Destiny 2 and Warframe? What are your thoughts on both of them? Let us know in the comments section below!