Sea Of Thieves Map To Focus On Ship Encounters Rather Than Initial Map Size

Sea Of Thieves has been in the spotlight for quite some time and in a recent interview with Windows Central, Rare’s Executive Producer, Joe Neate shed light on some very interesting aspects regarding the game’s Map.

The Executive Producer Joe Neate explained that the frequency of enemy encounters will be way more then the players expect. He added that the developers are aware of all the related details on the ratio or metric on how many islands and outposts should be there in the game. The developers have also ensured that there will be at least 15 to 30 min ship encounter time.

He also added on behalf of the team that they are considering this encounter time in the technical alpha. This aspect of the Map is very interesting as in this way players will have to meet other players in a short amount of time.

Rare also revealed some other things like when the game Sea Of Thieves is released they shall be increasing the number of ships per world and map will also be increased. On top of that rare revealed that there are currently three biomes in the game each very different from the other.

Shores of Plenty, Ancient Isles, and The Wilds are those biomes that are not marked on the map for curiosity. Each biome has its own relevance, one is more of an ancient civilization, the other one is more Maldivian white sands and the third one is pretty dark and oppressive.

With that said if you have not checked the Kraken images that recently got leaked then you certainly need to give them a glimpse. Those images really reveal a lot about the monster of the sea and how difficult it would be to combat that monster.

The game is scheduled to release on 20th March on Xbox One and Microsoft Windows.